Faith Formation December 11, 2017
Reconciliation will be December 20
We will once again offer the sacrament of Reconciliation for all 3rd-11th grade students on December 20. All parents are welcomed, and encouraged, to join us for this sacrament.

No classes on December 27
Enjoy your time with family and friends...and Jesus!
We will start classes again on January 3.

Save the date
On Monday, January 22, Holy Trinity will again be serving the Manna Meal at First American Lutheran. We will again be offering chili for the guests and will need various food donations and helpers. More information will be coming next week.

This week's moment with Jesus.
Quick notes:

Classes for this week:
K-5 from 5:15-6:30
6-11 from 6:45-8:00

Youth Day
Our youth/service day for January will be the Manna Meal on Monday, January 22. More information on the Manna Meal will be next week.
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