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Falcon Focus
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In this edition, please find a note from our high school principal, our featured Department news, information from our IT Department, a selected student art piece,  and more..
After a whirlwind of activity in the month of March, April has sprung upon us very quickly. As you read this latest edition of the Falcon Focus, students will be at the end of their spring break, getting ready  to head back to school. 

Officially, we call this our home stretch of the school year. There are still plenty of days left, but sometimes, the warmer weather gets students a little more apathetic towards school responsibilities. Completely understandable. I, too, can find myself a little less focused on these sunny warm days, but then quickly snap out of that summer feeling knowing my attention to detail is just as important now as it was on day one of the school year.  This is the message we, as school staff, and you as parents, need to emphasize to our students. Finishing strong is equally as important as it is to starting the year strong.

Speaking of working hard and being academically strong, I would like to give a shout out to the many students who earned an academic award and were honored for this accomplishment during a ceremony on the evening of March 14th. At Central, we recognize high academic achievement and the effort, perseverance and attention, it takes to accomplish and maintain high standards. During their high school years, students earn points based upon their semester grade point averages, with extra points awarded for students successfully completing AP and post-secondary based courses. At the end of each semester, points are tallied for each student and a running total is kept. This accumulated total determines the award level they receive at this annual ceremony. This year, we had a record number of students who earned academic awards. This happened, not by lowering the standard to which awards are given, but because more and more students are rising up to the challenge.

Again, congratulations to all the students who were recognized during this awards ceremony. Their work, efforts and dedication to their studies are to be applauded!  

Central High School 
Is Flying High with
Aviation Program
Central is proud of our one-of-a-kind aviation programs. This nationally known program is in its fourth year having constructed Falcon One airplane.
See more about this exciting program by following the link.
Important Information for
Members of
Class of 2018

Graduation for members of the class of 2018 is just weeks away. Please follow this link for important information on this year's commencement exercises and more.

Our winter sports have ended for another year and we are well engaged in the spring sports season.  Central can be proud of the accomplishments of all our athletes following a great season. We especially want to pay tribute to our boy's basketball program being state qualifiers for the first time in the history of our high school.
Please follow this link to an article on their great season.

Congratulations to all our winter sports programs.
Department of the Month 
In the month of April, we will focus on our Family and Consumer Science Department with information about course offerings, co-curricular groups, and more.

To learn more, please click this link for the Family and Consumer Science Department.
Attention:  CHS Parents and  Stud ents

CHS Testing Calendar - Spring, 2018

Grade Level
Testing Date(s)
Forward Exam
Students with accommodations
and makeup (Social Studies)


April 5th & 6th
Aspire Grade 9
April 9th - 13th
Aspire Grade 10
April 16th - 20th

Advanced Placement Exams

May 7th - 11th
May 14th - 18th

Central High School 2018 Summer School

If you were unsuccessful in being placed in your requested summer school course, have you considered other course options for the summer or APEX?  There are still spaces available in some areas you may not have considered. In our Technical Education Department there are spaces available in the following courses: Drafting 3D Solid Modeling, Metals, and IT Essentials.  In the Foreign Language Department there are spaces available in Global Languages and Perspectives and Spanish II. Additionally, in the courses of Botany, Government, World History, English 11, English 12 and all recovery classes for English, Math, Science and Social Studies there is still space available.

If you are looking for a summer school course we would also recommend APEX.  APEX is our digital learning platform. It promotes active learning, is student centered and has supports and scaffolds to help learners of all levels complete their course requirements.  The course titles available to be taken through APEX are numerous. If you are interested in signing up for an APEX course to meet your summer school course needs please contact your counselor for a complete course listing.

The dates of this year's summer school will be June 18 - July 26, 2018.  Summer school courses run Monday through Friday or if offered in a blended format on specific days outlined by the instructor.  There is no school during the week of July 2 - July 6, 2018.

Session 1 is from 7:00 am - 9:40 am.  Session 2 is from 9:45 am to 12:25 pm.  Full credit courses run in one session from 7:00 am - 12:25 pm.  In order to receive a passing grade and/or credit, students enrolled in summer courses are allowed to miss no more than three absences per course.  Transportation by bus will be provided to students enrolled for a full summer school day or two sessions from 7:00 am to 12:25 pm.

More information about CHS 2018 Summer School can be found on our website.
At Central High School, our staff and students are dedicated to using technology to enrich their education. Central's Instructional Technology  Department is now sharing student stories about BYOD. Interested? Check us out on Instagram and Twitter .

Student Art
Portrait of a Woman  (soft pastels)
Isabell Clark - Grade 10
Central High School District of Westosha Non-Discrimination Statement 
The Board of Education does not discriminate in the employment of administrative staff on the basis of the Protected Classes of race, color, national origin, age, sex, (including transgender status, change of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity), pregnancy, creed or religion, genetic information, handicap or disability, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status, military service (as defined in 111.32, Wis. Stats.), national origin, ancestry, arrest record, conviction record, use or non-use of lawful products off the District's premises during non-working hours, declining to attend an employer-sponsored meeting or to participate in any communication with the employer about religious matters or political matters, or any other characteristic protected by law in its employment practices.