Welcome to our March  Edition of
Falcon Focus
This e-newsletter is provided to parents to keep you apprised of  CHS events and activities throughout the year.

In this edition, please find a note from our high school principal, our featured Department news, information from our IT Department,  and more..
March, "in like a lion, out like a lamb" refers to the wintry start of the month and hopefully by the end, spring has begun.  Well, let us hope that those early days of March are not roaring too much! 

With the snow days taken on February 2nd and 9th, we have used the additional time built into our academic calendar for school closures.  If we need additional days, this will cause us to extend the school year. 

Understandably, when we have closures, kids are excited for the "free" day, but I believe that should we need to make up further missed days, students definitely will not want to hang around any longer than they have to come June.   So let us hope for lamb-like days in March!

In other March news, be on the alert for the 6-week progress report.  March 5th is the day when the 6-week progress report is calculated.  We have always encouraged parents to monitor their child's progress, but this report not only provides a point-in-time academic grade, but also provides information on their child's demonstration of life skills.  Not making academic progress and/or seldom demonstrating the attributes identified in life skills is simply not an option for our students.  As a school with its focus on student success, where they are college and career ready, we need all students passing their courses and demonstrating the attributes identified in the life skills; the soft skills demanded in the world of work and post-secondary education.  Having this conversation with your child on a continuous basis ensures the expectations that the school has of them also are what you as parents expect. 

We thank you for your assistance with this very important message.
CHS Academic 
Awards Assembly
Wednesday March 14, 2018

To honor the hard work and academic success of our Central students, we will be hosting our annual CHS Academic Award Ceremony on Wednesday, March 14th at 7pm.  Students are asked to sign in prior to the ceremony.
The purpose of these awards is to recognize and celebrate students who have demonstrated sustained academic achievement and to motivate others to achieve the same.
Students earn points based upon their semester grade point averages, with extra points awarded for students successfully completing AP and post-secondary based courses.  At the end of each semester, points are tallied for each student and a running total is kept. This determines awards received at this annual ceremony.
If your student is the recipient of an academic award, a letter will be mailed home with additional information.
If you have questions or concerns in regards to the ceremony or academic awards in general, please contact Mrs. Haluzak at 262-843-2321 #223.
Parents, please encourage your student to attend this important event!
Central High School Honor Roll
                1st Semester 

We are honored to present our 1st semester  Honor Roll of students who have demonstrated academic success during the 1st semester  of the 2017-2018 school year. Congratulations to all our students for their academic successes.
(click the link to the specific grade and honor list) 

Our winter sports are winding down for another year but during the season, we saw many exciting contests with hard work and dedication from each athlete and their coaches. Please read   to give  you more background into another great winter athletic season.

Throughout this month we at Central High School will lead our students into discovery and celebration of the unique accomplishments and contributions of women to our world and our country.  National Women's Month in the United States has its roots in International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8. The day has been marked by the United Nations since 1975 but it was observed in smaller ways in the United States as far back as 1911, nearly a decade before American women were granted the right to vote.  The day of recognition was expanded to a week and finally a full month in 1987.  
Women's History Month is a celebration of women's contributions in history, culture and society.   President Ronald Reagan's 1982 presidential proclamation read in part: "As leaders in public affairs, American women not only worked to secure their own rights of suffrage and equal opportunity but also were principal advocates in the abolitionist, temperance, mental health reform, industrial labor and social reform movements, as well as the modern civil rights movement. Their dedication and commitment heightened awareness of our society's needs and accelerated our common efforts to meet those needs."    
Follow the link to  find more information from a variety of sources that commemorate and encourage the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American History. https://womenshistorymonth.gov/    

Department of the Month 
In the month of March, we will focus on our Fine Arts Department with information about course offerings, performing groups, opportunities for budding artists in the fine arts and more.

To learn more, please click this link for the Fine Arts department.
DUDE. be nice Week!

The Student Council will host a "DUDE. be nice" week  focused exclusively on appreciating others, spreading good vibes and reminding others to be kind.
Please see the article written by student Rebecca Tondi on this great event.

Attention:  CHS Parents and  Stud ents

CHS Testing Calendar - Spring, 2018

Grade Level
Testing Date(s)
ACT Makeup
March 20th
WorkKeys Makeup
March 21st
Forward Exam (S. Studies)
March 19th, 22nd
Forward Exam Makeup
March 23rd
Aspire Grade 9
April 9th - 13th
Aspire Grace 10
April 16th - 20th
Advanced Placement Exams
May 7th - 11th
May 14th - 18th

Central High School 2018 Summer School

The summer school lottery has been held. Some courses still have openings. Please contact Sheree Pfeuffer, Registrar for details at 262-843-2321 #227 or pfeuffers@westosha.k12.wi.us.  On March 16, 2018 preliminary summer school schedules with fees will be mailed home along with a confirmation letter indicating that you have been placed in summer school.

The dates of this year's summer school will be June 18 - July 26, 2018.  Summer school courses run Monday through Friday. There is no school during the week of July 2 - July 6, 2018.  Instruction will be delivered in multiple formats including face to face instruction, Apex online learning and in a blended learning format.  Half credit courses will run in two sessions. Session 1 is from 7:00 am - 9:40 am.  Session 2 is from 9:45 am to 12:25 pm.  Full credit courses run in one session from 7:00 am - 12:25 pm.  In order to receive a passing grade and/or credit, students enrolled in summer courses are allowed to miss no more than three absences per course.  Transportation by bus will be provided to students enrolled for a full summer school day or two sessions from 7:00 am to 12:25 pm, upon request.  

Summer school offers an excellent opportunity for students to earn credits toward high school graduation, learn in a relaxed environment and stay connected with their friends during the summer.
Infinite Campus Parent Portal 

Parents can login to the  Infinite Campus Parent Portal  from any device, anywhere, anytime and have immediate access to student attendance, grades, assignments, schedule, lunch balance, transportation and more. Parents can also update their contact information with changes to their email, phone, address, and emergency contact information. New this summer, annual forms and registration materials will be completed through the Parent Portal rather than through the website. 

More information on annual registration will be provided in Spring. Please contact the IT Dept. Secretary, Debbie Cronin, cronind@westosha.k12.wi.us(262)843-2321 ext. 261 for assistance with logging into the Parent Portal.
Central High School District of Westosha Non-Discrimination Statement 
The Board of Education does not discriminate in the employment of administrative staff on the basis of the Protected Classes of race, color, national origin, age, sex, (including transgender status, change of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity), pregnancy, creed or religion, genetic information, handicap or disability, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status, military service (as defined in 111.32, Wis. Stats.), national origin, ancestry, arrest record, conviction record, use or non-use of lawful products off the District's premises during non-working hours, declining to attend an employer-sponsored meeting or to participate in any communication with the employer about religious matters or political matters, or any other characteristic protected by law in its employment practices.