Fall 2012 Issue


It's  Halloween once again! This also means that the holidays have officially arrived. As the kids come up with brilliant Halloween costume ideas, the adults start brewing their most inspired theme for the holidays. Whether you are planning a party this weekend or would rather save up for Christmas and Thanksgiving, here are a few home decorating projects that could keep you busy this season.


Pink Pumpkins  



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-Tonisha Ramona  




Fall is the best season for layering different kinds of flowers and foliage on your front porch. Whether you have planted them previously so they achieve the perfect height just in time for the season or just staging those using decorative containers, the key is in the proper way of grouping grasses, bushes and flowers together to make the vibrant autumn colors from mums, violas, pansies and chrysanthemums pop out as your guests walk pass your doorway.



Fall Decor Halloween 2

Fall Decor 3 Fall Decor 2

 Festive decors to enhance your curb appeal warms up the coolness of fall. It is the best time of the year to brush up on some do-it-yourself wreaths and garlands of autumn leaves, and carve those Halloween pumpkins which you can even use as planters. 












Halloween 3


Table Decor 

Pumpkins, black and white scented candles, black paper roses, everything black and orange, anything creepy and gross but totally edible stuff-these are what comprise your Halloween table setting. Remember: Edible is always a plus!


Halloween 16   

Halloween 21  Halloween 22



Halloween parties are all about the perfect themed snacks! Think about the stuff that make you gross out and create an edible, scrumptious version of them.


Halloween Snacks  Hallowen Snacks 8


Halloween Snacks 7  



When thinking of a concept for a party game, consider first the composition of your guests. Is the party for kids or for adults or both? How many are girls, and how many are boys? As soon as you have these out of the way, think of the usual games you can do in the confines of your party venue. Then inject this year's Halloween theme into the game play, materials and prizes to make one memorable experience.


Halloween Games 2   


Halloween Games 4  


Party Favors

Halloween treats are all about the packaging. Contents would depend on your budget. You can treat your guests to jewelries, fragrance, dorky toys, pillows or just a boxful of candies. No matter, it has to look nice and fun.

Halloween Favors    

Halloween Favors 2  




Woohoo! I am now taking bookings for EVENTS & HOLIDAY DECOR. Event styling services for everything from Christmas Parties, Baby Showers, Tree Trimming, Holiday Window Displays, Thanksgiving Table Setting, Sweet 16, Weddings etc.


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For more information about my event decor process & bookings click HERE.














Buffet Tables

When it comes to buffet tables,  you have options when it comes to the shade of wood, but to really inject personality into it, choose a statement piece for your dinning room area. 


 Buffet 3


Buffet 5  Buffet 2


  Buffet 9   Buffet 6


    Buffet 1       Buffet 8










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