FALL 2013

[Article] Supply Chain Network Design: Embrace the culture of modeling

Several realities of the new global economy are forcing shippers to re-assess their supply chain networks and how they are moving freight through them.  Chainalytics' Steve Ellet and Gary Girotti explain what this means for supply chain and transportation leaders.

[Video] New Ideas in Transportation Procurement
The processes and technologies which support modern transportation procurement are fairly well established. So, what's new?  We're glad you asked.  In this video, Chainalytics' Kevin Zweier teams up with James Sembrot, Senior Director of Transportation at Anheuser-Busch InBev, to discuss what is on the horizon of transportation procurement.  Watch Now >
[Blog] Lessons in Forecastability & Demand Planning
We've learned a lot about forecast accuracy and bias since the Sales & Operations Variability Consortium launched nearly two years ago.  One key learning:  Not all forecasts are not created equal.  Read More >
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Packaging Optimization

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