FALL 2016

Changes to Small Group Affordable Care Act (ACA) Plans
Most small group (2-100 employees) medical plans are required to cover certain dental procedures in compliance with ACA regulations. These dental procedures have also been covered under some Delta Dental plans, which resulted in duplicative coverage. In an effort to streamline coverage, reduce confusion, and remove extra costs, Delta Dental of Colorado will be discontinuing the ACA version of those plans. This change will only impact a small number of you and will align the child's benefits with the adults. If you currently have one of those plans, you will be receiving the plan discontinuation information with your renewal letter at your anniversary date.

If you currently have an ACA plan, you must take action to choose a new plan or your dental benefits will be terminated upon you renewal date starting January 1, 2017.

If you would like to choose the non-ACA version of your current plan or another plan, email renewals@ddpco.com or call your account manager:

Delta Dental of Colorado knows how important small businesses are to our state economy. After all, we're the only dental company owned and operated in Colorado for nearly 60 years. So we've created new options for the more than half a million small businesses in Colorado so that they have many of the same options as larger companies. That's good for their employees' health and their bottom line.  So what's new for 2017?
  • Customized benefit options for groups of 51-100.
  • Orthodontia options for groups of 10+ enrolled employees.
  • Availability of two-year rate guarantees.
If you'd like to learn more about these options, contact your account manager:

Did you know that almost 50% of added sugar in the American diet comes from sugary drinks? Delta Dental of Colorado wanted to expose the sugar in drinks as a way to help improve oral health and overall wellness in our communities.

The company and foundation partnered to develop life-size vending machine and mini-fridge displays that include popular drink choices. Using a lenticular design, the image shifts as people approach the display. The packaged drinks change to reveal the amount of sugar content inside.

These resources will be used at a variety of events, including open enrollment meetings and wellness fairs. An accompanying handout describes the health effects of added sugar. If you are interested in seeing a display in person or using it at an event, please contact your Delta Dental account manager.

Open Enrollment season is here, and we have some online tools for you and your employees to  get the most out of your dental benefits, so they can maximize your health.
Another great resource for you is our Employer Communication Toolkit, accessible on the employer landing page on our website: deltadentalco.com/administrators.aspx.

Do your employees have questions about using their dental benefits? Do they need access to information that will help them understand the difference between a copay and coinsurance or the importance of an in-network provider vs. an out-of-network provider? Well, Delta Dental has resources for them.

Delta Dental of Colorado's blog offers a wealth of resources that are searchable, including  Insurance 101, 102, and 103 infographics, along with Tips for New Enrollees and Navigating Your Claim.

Delta Dental of Colorado's website has a page for members called Using Your Benefits. It gives members step-by-step instructions on how to find a dentist, schedule an appointment, and read and understand their explanation of benefits (EOB).

Delta Dental of Colorado's YouTube page has great, easy-to-understand videos that explain deductible, copay vs. coinsurance, and annual maximum. It's a good place to start when an employee is just starting coverage or needs a little refresher.

What is a Deductible?
Annual Maximum

October is a scary time for your teeth and your health. With Halloween and the holidays right around the corner, candy and sweet treats are everywhere. So this quarter's LifeSmile wellness flyer is perfectly timed. With tips for sugar-smart snacking and some great ideas for avoiding sugar, this flyer is ideal for distributing to your employees through email, on a wellness platform, or by printing it out and posting it in a lunch room or a break room.

Looking for other oral health or wellness materials? Head over to our Oral Health & Wellness page on our website. It's full of electronic flyers and links to videos that you can share with your employees.

And if you're looking for Spanish versions of the LifeSmile wellness materials, send an email to communications@ddpco.com and we can pass them along to you.

Do you have a wellness portal or a company newsletter that you'd like to include oral health content on? Delta Dental of Colorado has created an Employer Communication Toolkit that 
gives you articles that you can use in employee newsletters or internal blogs, flyers and infographics that you can post on company intranet sites or on bulletin boards in break rooms, and videos that you can use to help your employees understand their dental benefits better. This document is interactive, so just click on the piece that you would like to use and the link will take you directly to that article, flyer, infographic, or video.

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