You are invited to this special exhibition of new work by Susan Collett, Neil Clifford and Chris Langstroth from October 24 until November 17.   Join us on Saturday, November 14th from 3-6pm for the artists reception. 

Waver II, Earthenware Paper Clay, 30 x 12 x 10 inches
Recognized as one of Canada's premier artists working in clay, Susan Collett (RCA) continues to redefine the limits of the medium. This exhibition includes recent works that are smaller in scale than her previous works, and also are vibrating with painterly applications of colour.  Recently dubbed an "energetic visionary", her work has been the subject of many articles in publications around the world. Her work is now in major public collections in Canada, China, France, the US, Korea and Hungary.  " The work derives from interest in the tension of strength against fragility and as I push the work towards the edge of physical collapse, this theme becomes more potent. The work is hand-built and sculptural in nature. The use of light interplay provides a perceived fragility explored through stacking and channeling of hand-built clay platelets. The sculptures are often turned, tilted, built upon and re-fired, investigating the strength required for negotiating the relation between our interior and exterior worlds. - Susan Collett

Western Breeze, Bronze and Granite, 8 x 33 x 5 inches
Neil Clifford is continuing his exploration of juxtaposing natural and constructed forms.  " The profile of the vessel must relate to the lines of the stone, as each stone has its own shape and movement. My kayaks are designed to follow and compliment these established curves and lines. Just prior to the wax being sent to the foundry for casting, I finish it by creating a textural landscape on the surface of the kayak, which, in many respects, is similar to encaustic painting. I work with brushes, shaping tools and pallet knives and build the surface textures on the wax, which best relate to the features already discovered and identified in the stone. The degree of distress, the depth of the scoring and pitting, the smoothness and roughness, all relate to the stone".- Neil Clifford

  Descending Border, Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 36 inches
Langstroth’s energetic impasto technique dances between abstraction and figuration. Foreground and background flirt for power as figures and forms morph from multi-color thick slabs of paint and claim their shape, inviting the viewer to participate. Rich and vibrant layers of colors of blue, ochre and purple combine to create a distinct energy. Langstroth has created 10 new canvases for this exhibition.

Otto Rogers Exhibition 
Solo exhibition of Otto Donald Roger's large canvases and paperwork runs until Oct 19th. Otto Roger's is one of Canada's most premier painters. Rogers has developed a body of work that spans decades and material  boundaries . A limited edition book, complete with an original paperwork, is available for sale.                                                            

New Work 
This fall Oeno has received many new works by gallery artists Mark Birksted , Peter Hoffer , Floyd Elzinga , Franco DeFrancesca , Sophie DeFrancesca , Parvis Djamtorki    and Paul Fournier . Give us a call before your visit and we can pull out the work you want to see.

Mark Birksted, Belt Series Black No 3, Steel