Announcing the 2017 Fall Hammer-In!

 Fall Hammer-In at Ashokan:
September 29-October 1, 2017
Learn the art of forging iron into beautiful and useful items using traditional blacksmithing tools and skills at the semi-annual Ashokan Hammer-In. This is a multi-level workshop for beginners and experienced craftsmen alike, with both forging demonstrations by world renowned craftsmen and hands-on project opportunities . Equipment, iron, and coal will be provided and available to use under the supervision of an instructor and for sale to begin your own home shop!

Also enjoy the unique opportunity to mingle with members of New England Bladesmith Guild as they hold their ASHOKAN BLADE SEMINAR this same weekend.  
Our demonstrator for the Fall meet is Eric Schatzel. He grew up in the
Hudson Valley and at a young age developed an interest in traditional
trades. He is now 27 and has been smithing for 14 years.

Presently he lives in Otsego County and is the Master Smith of The Field  Blacksmith Shop at The Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown, NY, where  he has benefitted from working  with Paul Spaulding, Bob Cerny and others.He also has his own shop, Shatzel Forgeworks.
His main area of interest is the study and practice of traditional smithing,  especially the work of European and American smiths of the 17th through  19th Centuries. Eric has focused on the manufacture of tools, with work  ranging from delicate scissors and cutlery, to larger items such as  goosewing hewing axes and stake anvils. His work is in use by many museums in the Northeast, including Fort Ticonderoga, Ganondagan SHS, and the Alexander Knight House.
To see more of Eric's work go to AT THE EASTERN DOOR and click on blacksmithing.
Forged steel shears by Eric Schatzel
As usual, we will begin the weekend program on Friday night with a slideshow and overview of Eric's work. On Saturday, Eric is planning to make a wrought iron stake anvil.He also plans to work on a traditional laminate bladed scissors or shears.
Goose wing axe by Eric Schatzel
 In whatever remaining time he will work on other traditional tool forgings, with an emphasis on high carbon steel welded to wrought iron laminates. Eric's work is beautiful and highly refined and fits perfectly in the period he is exploring. His knowledge of traditional processes and the forging of iron and steel will surely make this an exciting weekend demo!
Our popular Teaching Program provides an opportunity to learn and practice basic forging skills in a safe and well supervised environment. Five working forges and ten forging stations will provide a memorable hands-on experience and an opportunity to bring home a hand made project. Tool and equipment vendors are welcome to "tailgate" their wares.There will also be a fun tool and equipment raffle on Saturday, and a gallery to showcase your latest and greatest work!
Comfortable Lodging and Tasty Meals
Come for the food, and stay for the demo!
View the Ashokan Center Facility and Lodging options here.
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Tuition, Meals, and Lodging packages. 
  • $60 Demo only either day.
  • $90 Demo, lunch, all day beverages.
  • $130 Demo and 3 meals Saturday.
  • $250 Demo, 6 meals, 2 nights lodging
Early bird prices shown here are valid thru Sept. 4 2017 More options and $30 student discounts are available on the REGISTRATION PAGE
Adults attending as a chaperon for a child may register as a student.
Work study discounts are also available at the student rate. Contact Tim for information. 

Payment Options:
Pre-registration is required! Please register on-line and chose one of the following options. Checks or cash is preferred to save the organization a paypal fee.
  • Credit Card via Paypal
  • Mail check
  • Pay at the door
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There is another Blacksmithing Event at Ashokan!

To accommodate Ashokan's busy fall schedule, the Northeast Blacksmiths will be sharing the facility with the New England Bladesmith Guild for their annual blade seminar. This will be an entirely separate event, with limited opportunities to mix and mingle. To learn more about this program, visit ASHOKAN BLADE SEMINAR DEMONSTRATOR LINE-UP   

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