Family Newsletter
Fall 2016
Announcing Hip Hop Hippo
A New Music Together Song!

"Hip Hop Hippo" has been added to your Flute playlist on the Family Music Zone and the Hello Everybody app, for iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android .

Log in today and have fun breaking out your best hip-hop moves!

Try this at home!

Act out the verses with your child by moving like a hippo. How does a hippo swim in water? How would a hippo roll in the dirty brown mud?

Download Our Hello Everybody App for iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android

The app comes pre-loaded with eight Music Together songs, plus Music Together families can create accounts right from the app and access their song collections.

Approved by Parents' Choice
"Being able to access all the collections from one easy place is priceless!"

"I love that I can follow along with the lyrics!"
--- Reviews from App Users

With Hello Everybody, you can:
  • Sing along with on-screen lyrics
  • Try  Music Together karaoke
  • Record and share videos
  • Flip through the Hello, Everybody! Singalong Storybook
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With the Hello Everybody app, you can try Music Together karaoke with your favorite songs and record using your device's camera.

Share your karaoke videos on Facebook or Instagram using #helloeverybody and #MusicTogether. If we feature yours we will also send you a gift!

Meet the Families in our Photos
In July, we invited twelve Music Together families to Brooklyn, NY, to be a part of our first studio photo shoot. It was so much fun capturing live musical moments to share!

Get to know a little more about the families whose smiling faces you'll see in Music Together publications and websites from now on.

Music Together at Home
Dum Ditty Dum Matching Game

Play tic-tac-toe to the beat of this fun song.

  1. Draw a simple tic-tac-toe board on a large piece of paper.
  2. Gather nine matching pairs of different items (toys, spoons, blocks, crayons, etc.).
  3. Place one item of each pair on each section of the tic-tac-toe board and put the leftover matches in a basket.
  4. Start by slowly singing "Dum Ditty Dum." Model matching for your child as you take an item from the basket and match it to an item on the board to the beat of the song.
  5. Let your child have a turn at matching (and perhaps setting up the board for you). As your child becomes familiar with the game, you can increase the tempo of the song.

Remember to switch hands and model using both the left and right sides of the body.

Visit the Family Music Zone for more activities to try at home!

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Music Together is transitioning to a new look, starting with a new logo and color scheme, plus a new corporate name, Music Together Worldwide, to reflect our growth into over 3000 communities in 41 countries. 
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