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Welcome To Downsizing Diva's Fall Newsletter!
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Finding Good Homes for Our Clients Donated Items

Often times it is very difficult to "let go" of the many treasures that one has accumulated over the years. Giving our clients the many charitable options available to them makes them feel the years of collecting has been worth it!
S ometimes our clients select a local charity of their choice and we make every effort to accommodate their requests. As a bonus, a tax receipt is often issued.

The Salvation Army  The Salvation Army is passionately committed to eradicating poverty and caring for people who are struggling.  The Salvation Army is working to address the dehumanizing scourge of poverty and injustice and educate the public about what it means to live in poverty - and what they can do to help. 

  Habitat For Humanity  All proceeds from the ReStore support Habit for Humanity and help to build homes for hardworking families in your community. Each ReStore also helps the environment by reducing thousands of tons of landfill waste every year. By supporting the ReStore, you ensure a future for families and a healthy planet. You will also receive a tax receipt for your donations. 

The Canadian Diabetes Association 
Introducing The Clothesline Program:  Downsizing Diva has partnered with The Canadian Diabetes Association! 

The Clothesline program and Downsizing Diva have a shared commitment to making people's lives better and we want to make certain that your transition to your new home is as easy and comfortable as possible. While working with our clients we have the option of calling Canadian Diabetic Society for a free pick up of any used clothing and small household items. 

Please see the  website   or call 1-800-505-5525 for more information. 100% of net proceeds raised by Closeline directly support the  CDA.   
Diva Success Stories

Young Woman has a garage sale to give all proceeds to The Blessed Upendo Faith Orphanage in Tanzania!

Left: Kayleigh in Africa Right: With Diva Brenda 
We donated a selection of our client's donated items to help support Kayleigh's garage sale. Kayleigh is raising funds for the Orphanage in Africa and is planning a four month stay as a volunteer in January. 

Recently, a request was made to sell various pieces to friends & family for a small fee and donate all the revenue to MY Sister's Place- a woman's shelter in Alliston that accepts items and furniture for their Moving Forward Program. The  Moving Forward program assists women to re-enter the community and live independently once again.  

Diva Tips
  Home Safety and Alzheimer's

People with Alzheimer's can live in their homes, as long as safety measures are in place.
 As Alzheimer's progresses, a person's abilities change. But with some creativity and problem solving, you can adapt the home environment to support  these changes.                                 
Diva News

We Are Re-Freshing Our Brand!   ---  

Look for our new refreshed branding ads in the Golden Years Feature in the Caledon Enterprise and in the next issue of In The Hills Magazine! 

Downsizing Diva Caledon-Dufferin/Etobicoke  became a Bronze sponsor for 16/17 season and my team will enjoy volunteering at  the concession stand for some performances!
                                                             Photo courtesy of "Snapd Dufferin"
"What's my Next Move? The Art of Downsizing and  De-Cluttering your Stuff!"

 ...with some Boa Fun too!

My Diva Team
Our Diva Team is as strong as ever to meet the increasing demand of Seniors needing to downsize and relocate!

We meet regularly for staff workshops and training to serve our clients better....

Here we are: Lily, Karen, Brenda, Lisa , Joanne & Nadya
Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter. I  hope this information will be a benefit to you!

See you again in our next issue! 

Simply Yours, 
Brenda Alderdice 

Specialist in Downsizing 
and  Moving for Seniors ~Etobicoke, Caledon & Dufferin County

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