Barrett Family Wellness Center

Fall Schedule
Starts Aug. 28th  
We are now booking
the Fall Schedule
Each July we take our clients' schedule preferences for
 fall treatment. Please use the link below to complete the form
no later than July 23rd. We will also have the form available at the front desk if you would rather complete it in the office.
***Schedule Preference due 7/23 ***
If you are not planning to continue in the fall, please email or let someone at the front desk know and we will make sure you don't get any more emails.



  • We recommend that you fill out the form on a computer, as we have had some people have difficulty with the form on their smart phone.  

  • If your schedule is received you will get a confirmation email. If you didn't get an email, your preferences were not received.      
  • If you have multiple children coming to Barrett, please fill out one form for each child. 
  • Progress on the form cannot be saved so you must do the whole form in one sitting.


  • Requests must be received by Sunday July 23rd for your preferences to be observed. Any requests received after that date will be scheduled into remaining open slots and not based on preferences.