We hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone in September.
Our next round of workshops are now open for registration.  
We have changed our registration policy a bit.  The current offerings will be available for registration for the next two weeks.   If we do not get the required number of participants by 8/17 the workshop will be replaced with a new offering.  This gives us time to sell the replacement workshop.  If you have interest in a particular workshop, we encourage you to register asap!  Thank you.

We want everyone to have input in song selection.  Going forward your Musical Director will select songs based on the theme for the first rehearsal.  We encourage everyone to bring 2 song selections to the first session.  Your Musical Director will take all of your suggestions into consideration.   The set list will be determined based on guidance from your Musical Director as to what songs will showcase the bands talents.

Not sure which workshop is right for you.  
Email musicmakersnewyork@gmail.com or 
give us a call at 212-967-6124 (prompt #1)

Click on each pix for details & registration!

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Thanks again for your continued support.
Sincerely,  Bob Elliott
President & Founder, MMNY
212-967-6124       musicmakersny.com