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A message of inspiration 
from Kathy
Do you worry about every little thing
in your life? Fret over your marriage, your children, job or finances? You are not alone. Worry is something we all do throughout our lifetime and can overwhelm even the strongest individual.  

Are you like me?  

For me personally, worry is an emotion that I do not always get a grip on right away. My mind likes to swing over ...   Read full article  

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Watermelon Refresher
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1 cup of cubed watermelon, 
1 rosemary stem, add 8 cups of water
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A Look Into
Modern Dating
by Hannah Thompson 

Dating . Modern dating. Where does  one even begin on this endeavor?  Dating in the 21st century has become so skewed. Often times, one does not even know they are dating a person until three months down the road or can't seem to establish what the relationship means or the glorious "we're just seeing where things go" bit, and the list goes on and on. From one-night stands to people desperately searching for "the one", the concept behind dating has become so broad that ...

Inspirational Moments
by Barbara Hall 

I will treat you as I treat My Son, for I have placed you in Him, My Beloved. Inside of My heart you abide. I have placed you inside the relationship I have with My Son and Spirit. I have fully accepted you in the Beloved. With the grace of Christ within you, soon you will do the works of Jesus. This will cause heaven to rejoice as My sons and daughters find their delight in seeing Me work through them. The miracles of My love will be seen through your life... 

How to Fly 
with an Infant
by Brittany Nelson
Have you ever heard a screaming baby on a flight and wondered what kind of crazy person would fly with an infant? I used to think that until I took my 7 month old on his first flight. Overseas. By myself.

Was I crazy? Maybe. Was it worth it? Definitely!

Flying with a baby isn't always easy, but here are the top 5 lessons I learned that I hope can help you:

Wear your baby - Wearing my baby in my Lillebaby ... 
Northern Bound
by Carol Storey
Have you ever gone on a trip and have no clue what to pack?    Well, that's me today.  Our northern states have already gone into Fall/Autumn weather with 59-39 degree temperature - sweaters and long pants with jackets.   As opposed to our southern summer weather 91/78 degree temperature - shorts and T-shirts.

Yes, I have packed and repacked and repacked.  Sweating while packing for cooler weather can be awfully detracting.  I've got the fans on and air conditioning turned way down but that doesn't help either.   It's just plain and simple, HOT, where I ... 

How Do TIPS 
Help Fight Inflation?
by By Darlene Van Beek
One way to help protect your portfolio against a sudden spike in inflation is by investing in Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS).

TIPS are guaranteed by the federal government as to the timely payment of principal and interest. They are sold in $100 increments and available in maturities of 5, 10, and 30 years. The principal is automatically adjusted twice a year to match any increases or decreases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). If...
Your Prayers Matter
by Andy Lee 
A few years ago I was disenchanted with prayer.
I was angry and confused.
Grief stricken.
"Why do we pray if it doesn't make a difference?" I yelled to the sky.
The answer I found after months of anguish and wrestling was very simple. We pray because . . . 
We are told to.
It's that profound my friends. We pray because we are told to pray...

by Nickie Wheeler
As I climbed the vertical cliff to reach this height, my heart felt so many things. It's hard to describe. I broke out in tears, much to the immediate dismay of my husband, then I explained what was going on. I felt a great sense of gratitude looking out over the wonders that God had created. When we first arrived it was pouring yet the sun was shining brightly I ran down to the shore line and was greeted by a double rainbow hitting the water. it was an amazing sight. That should of been my first clue that God was working on my heart... 
My Routine is
 Making Me Weak
by Ashton Jones 

The summer appears to be coming to an end: the kids are back in school, sports and practices are back in session, and you're spending even more time in traffic for your commute to and from work. And the number of patients in my clinic with complaints of low back pain has almost doubled!

So why the increase in low back pain around this time of year? It's your routine. The amount of time in sitting positions in a car or at a desk increases, while the amount of time spent being active or resting decreases. At the same time, the number of tasks that are put on hold until the weekend grows exponentially...

Peace of Mind
by De Harrs
De_Harris Give yourself permission to have peace of mind in all things. Nothing is ever lost when you leave behind what is weighing you down and draining you of your precious self. In fact, it's the opposite. You will find freedom. You will also begin to think with creative clarity. Don't you deserve #peaceofmind? My hope is that your answer is a resounding yes! If you've answered in the negative then I must ask . .. 

HE Created 
to Me to Be
by Nickie Wheeler
This summer has taken near and far, from the coastline of France at Omaha beach to the shores of Deep Creek Lake in Maryland and may places in between. My life is full of travels, for work and play. The one consistent theme is that it gives me the opportunity to share my Joy and Hope that I have found a child of Christ. I am not a big time in your face" religious" kind of person, I am more laugh out loud, giggle and have fun in the face of challenges type ... 

LET'S ROLL by Dottie Coffman
Dorothy (Dottie) Coffman has been involved in many things including: sports, drama and music, radio talk show host and station manager, writing, photojournalism, Bible teacher, public relations, community relations, and more. Being a professional interviewer, a radio personality, and now a writer, Dottie finds that real life is the best subject of all.

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