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Family Promise of Linn County
Family Promise of Linn County November 2015
Community Meeting

Thursday, November 5
Mt. Zion MBC

 Congregational Care 
 Team Training

Large group 
 Community & Team Meeting

Fund Development 
 Team Training

Join us as we work together for children and families in our community. All are welcome!
Dear Friends,

Just this past weekend, I had a wonderful time celebrating Halloween by walking through the neighborhood I grew up in while my children went trick or treating. It occurred to me that this was a privilege that I was enjoying as someone who has always had a stable living situation, a place to call home. A home for a family can mean more than just a place to rest their heads. A home is the first step in being a part of a neighborhood, of a community. It can be the entry point to developing long term relationships with neighbors, both the adults and the children. Relationships that mean trick-or-treating is not just about the candy, but is a chance to run into friends, compare costumes, say hi to neighbors you know.

As we head into this season of gratitude, may our hearts and eyes be open to the little daily blessings and joys we experience, sometimes without even a thought, and may we work to ensure that others have the same opportunities to experience those simple joys.

Grace & peace,

Pastor Heather Hayes
Board President
Family Promise of Linn County
Join Our Team
As part of our re-start, we are forming four working teams to accomplish our criteria for opening. The four teams are:

Congregational Care/Recruitment
This team will be working to say thank you to our existing congregations, reestablish commitments and recruit two more host congregations.

Fund Development Team
This team will be in charge of developing a sustainable funding stream for our desired budget.

Communication Team
This group will be responsible for creating and implementing a communication plan for within our organization, as well as plan for sharing our message and work with the broader community.

Leadership Team
This group will be actively working to strengthen the leadership of the board, increasing its numbers.

Where do you feel led to serve? Come to our meeting on Thursday, November 5th at Mt. Zion MBC to find out more, or contact Pastor Heather Hayes to get connected with a team.

Financial Corner
pile_bills.jpg       In the month of October we had several gifts given through Network For Good, as well as some miscellaneous sources of income. Our balance as we move in to November is right about $1000 after all financial obligations have been addressed.
     Two big pieces of good financial news are that we have received a gift of $5000 from St. Paul's UMC's Sending to Serve committee and that we have received a grant from Alliant Energy for $3000. A big thank you to St. Paul's and to Tammy Stines for writing the Alliant grant.

Four Goals for Reopening
pile_bills.jpg At its October meeting, the FPLC Board committed to four criteria that will be met before reopening our doors. 

1. Recommitment of 13 host congregations

2. Minimum of 12 board members - growing towards 15.

3. Minimum of $40,000 in the bank, with a defined funding stream.

4. A fully functioning communications team.

Over the next few months we will be working hard, as a board and through our four transition teams, to accomplish these goals and get our program back serving the children and families of Linn County. Interested in helping? Come to our November 5th meeting or contact Pastor Heather Hayes.

Family Promise of Linn County, Inc. (FPLC) is a nonprofit organization that helps families achieve lasting independence.  FPLC is part of a national network and is one of over 173 Networks across the United States.There are over 5000 congregations and 130,000 volunteers making up these Networks.
Based on the support of volunteers and Host Congregations, Family PromiseĀ® programs are funded by donations, grants, and fundraising opportunities.
For more information go to    http://familypromiseoflinncounty.org