I strongly recommend that you vote for Trey Apffel
 for President-Elect of the State Bar of Texas


Please vote for Trey Apffel in the run-off election for State Bar of Texas President.  Voting in this run-off election is going on right now and it is super easy to vote on-line.  You should have received an e-mail last week from the SBOT that provides the link and code that allows you to vote in about 10 seconds.

I usually do not bother to vote in State Bar elections and I generally do not feel I get much from the State Bar other than expensive CLE and free case research on the Internet.  However, this year, we have chance to elect an outstanding lawyer who has actually practiced family law to be President-elect of the State Bar.

Trey Apffel comes from a distinguished family of Galveston County attorneys and he has always been a solo practitioner or part of a very small firm.  Civil litigation, especially personal injury, has been Trey's primary focus but he has handled plenty of divorce and custody cases in the last decade.

We need a Bar President who has scrambled to prepare for temporary order hearings, proven up divorce settlements, mediated custody disputes and answered requests for disclosure in modification cases.  In other words, it is about time that the Bar was lead by a small firm lawyer who understands what we do in family law.  The dispute with the Supreme Court over pro se divorce forms highlights the imperative need for leaders in Austin who understand family law.

Trey is one of the planet's truly good people, he is a brilliant lawyer and he has long been active in our local bar association and with the State Bar.

Voting is going on right now through May 23.  I urge you to take a few seconds to vote for Trey Apffel for President-Elect.



Greg Enos  


Please pass forward this e-mail to your friends and colleagues across the state!