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Fantasy Football and the Modern Workforce
I don't know about you, but  it seems that everyone around me is in a  fantasy football  frenzy Everywhere I look folks have   their heads buried in their phones and  are  watching football all weekend. They're seeing how certain players do against certain defenses, deciding who has advantages at home or away, the significance of injuries or a myriad of other statistical information to determine how to set their lineup.   

Now, I don't actually play, but w hat struck me as interesting  about fantasy football that it is a game of constant evaluation. You don't just evaluate your team at the end of the season to see how you did, but rather, you're evaluating and changing your team on a weekly, if not daily, basis. If you set a lineup once, and then only evaluated it at the end of the season, you're more than likely to lose.   

In reality, fantasy football is much like the modern workforce. Historically in the past, most organizations do an annual review of their employees. While I certainly don't want to diminish the importance of this process, it's simply not enough in today's business environment. 

Many of our clients have been coming to us to help them  institute review processes that allow them to evaluate their workforce on a more regular basis. Some are instituting formal quarterly reviews and informal monthly evaluations. The common theme for our clients is that this gives them greater transparency, more data and the ability to create a more engaged and effective workforce.   

The great thing is that evaluating your workforce more regularly doesn't have to be burdensome to leadership. There are plenty of tools at your disposal that can make this process seamless and even automated. What is important is that this process allows you to more effectively improve your core teams, seek competitive advantages and perhaps most importantly - win.  
Barbara Irwin, President, HR Advisors Group
What We've Been Thinking About
Open the Door to Change
Change has a funny way of catching up to you at times. My children recently started their first years of college and high school respectively. Summer gave way to fall and the election are just around the corner. I know I'm not alone in thinking that sometimes we just want to hit the pause button and slow things down. In the workforce, change can be equally be as powerful and impactful as in our personal lives. As HR professionals, it is our duty to help our colleagues navigate change.

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