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Eggsellent Easter Colors 
As Easter is fast approaching thought we'd bring you some delightful Easter shades well in advance. From soft yellow and creams to green gold veins reminiscent of chocolate egg wrappers, there's a huge range of colors for every application..

Pale Marine
Suntan Yellow PRSL50526PT
Pale Antique White
Green Gold Vein PLHS91537PT
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Pearly Polychem Whites to make you smile
"For those colors you wish to look wonderful, always first prepare a pure white ground" Leonardo Davinci.

16th Century artist Leonardo Da Vinci, is not the only famous person associated with the color white. 
Whether its soulful crooner Barry White, fictional Disney Princess Snow White, or chemistry school teacher turned drug dealer Walter White in TV series Breaking Bad, the color white has all manner of associations.

Whether it's a cool ice white, a pure snow white or a warm white with a hint of color, Polychem has an enormous selection of whites suitable for every application.

The first quarterly collection of 2017 features 4 pearly whites that have exploded onto the color scene this year. There has been a resurgence of interest in pearl effects since January, with various shades of white leading the way. From the appliance industry, through lighting, to designers from every market possible, we have been matching and making pearl whites for a vast number of applications.

Bright illuminating white, a softer less focused white and off whites of every shade have been given the 'pearl effect' treatment so that they shimmer gently.

Of course it's not just pearl effect whites that are readily available. Whether it's a fine white texture, a soft silver sparkle, a delicate river vein or something stronger, we have a multitude of effects already formulated in wining whites and every other color you can imagine.

Check out these extra special pearly whites that are guaranteed to light up your smile.
Satin White Metallic            Glossy Pearl White          Innovant Sparkle           Z13-707 White Metallic

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Reeling in quality
Ask any fisherman out there about the importance of the equipment they use and they will tell you about the care and attention they pay to choosing the very best. Protecting their fly rod equipment so it's ready to
use whenever they are is equally important. REC Components in Stafford Springs, CT, manufacture high end fishing rod cases to protect this equipment, and the cases need a high quality, durable and attractive finish. Enter professional powder coaters, Berkshire Custom Coating (BCC), and the Polychem Crescent Collection.
The Polychem Crescent Collection, a favorite among coaters all over the US, features 16 dark, enticing shades including sultry blacks, warm browns, velvety purples and deep greens as well as a range of effects from flat mattes to high gloss and textures. BCC felt it was exactly what REC Components were looking for and worked with the Polychem team to ensure quick delivery of the powders.
"Polychem powder coatings seem to have pushed the envelope in developing high end cosmetic powders at very competitive prices," explains, Doug Smith, Vice President of BCC . "These powders not only look and perform great, but they also have fantastic transfer efficiency that makes them very easy to apply."
BCC has been in business for over 40 years. They value sustainable products, reliability and consistency
and know just how important great service is. Smith continues, "We really believe quality, communication, and delivery make a huge difference. We offer that to our customers, and we expect the same from our suppliers. The service we receive from Polychem is second to none."
As well as first class service, BCC offers a quality finish on a wide variety of applications, with the ability to coat parts from the size of a dime to 30 foot long. Smith adds "Over the years we've provided powder coating services for all sorts of industries including medical, electrical component, computer, industrial tools, building, and solar, to name but a few. We pride ourselves on high quality and very fast delivery."

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Polychem powders perfect for retail applications

From store fixtures to shelving, pop up displays to furniture and accessories to lighting, Polychem has been protecting and decorating retail store interiors for many years.
Ensuring the powders that are used in these high visibility environments are easy to use and
competitively priced goes without saying. While your customer wants their coated pieces to create a welcoming environment that really promotes their products and brand, you need color choice, special effects, flexible quantities, great transfer efficiency and easy application. We ensure that the thousands of Polychem powder coatings available now are competitively priced, easy to apply, and are available in quantities as low as 5lbs - even the custom colors.
No matter what the piece, choose from the thousands of existing colors and effects that range from classic
blacks, bronzes, browns, greys and whites to eye popping brights, fluorescents, pastels, natural hues or funky urban shades at Polychem we have it all. Of course it's not all about color either. Adding a fine of full-on texture, a soft sparkle, a pearlescent shimmer, a multi-component effect, a river vein look, a hammertone style or an appealing wrinkle effect to any color you can imagine is also possible.
Polychem color rings, color cards and wall boards are available for you to showcase your color capability to your customers. What's more, you can reassure them they're making a great choice. Polychem powders have been developed to be hard working, tough, scratch resistant and durable, so they bring more than just beautiful aesthetics to their piece.
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Trouble Shooting Gallery
Spraying metallic powder coatings comes with its own issues. There are many potential issues which will affect the quality of the finish therefore seek advice where necessary. Potential variables include (but are
not limited to):

Application equipment
Ensure the equipment you are using is suited to metallic application. Tribo/airstatic equipment will produce a different effect than electrostatic application equipment. Know your equipment.
Automated and hand guns:
Metallics are better sprayed using automatic guns: use hand guns for smaller parts only.
Tribo/airstatic guns:
Ensure the powder coating is suitable for Tribo/airstatic guns. A different effect can be realized due to differences in the way particles accept the charge.
For more trouble shooting information check out the Polychem A-Z guide or contact us with technical questions.
Tasteful Trends
Check out this months trend colors! Taken from the Polychem 2017 trend collection, which features 4 beautiful trend collections (do you have your free trend rings?), check out these bold statement shades.
The grey Graphite has real depth and the Kelley Green just pops!
As always, our computer screens just don't do these colors justice, so call for your free sample panels today!



Kelley Green

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A bright, reflective chrome look in a powder coating is available through Polychem!
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