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Macanese Archive and Oral Histories
This month we're announcing the launch of the Macanese historical archive and database. (We need copies of anything that is important to your family history. Read further.) Working with archivists Vicki Schmidtberger and Tim Kaufler, formerly of the "Jorge Pereira Forjaz Collection" at Cal State University Northridge, and the Lusitano Club of California, Uniao Macaense Americana, Inc. (UMA), and U.C. Berkeley, we're collecting digital copies of photos, writings, genealogies, interviews (audio and video), and other materials to preserve Macanese cultural artifacts. Anyone who is interested in participating should contact us via the link below, or by submitting materials using the "Submit Memories" tab above. For an example of Macanese oral history, watch the video interview of Marguida Marques Savant below.

Interview with Marguida Marques Savant

This is like an after-dinner talk with relatives. In this case, "Guida" Savant describes her life in 1930s Hong Kong and her family's experiences in World War II.

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Family Networks in Goa and Macau

Families are considered the foundation of Macanese communities.This is an article on the origin of Macanese families and how famliy networks developed in Asia. Read More
Family Networks in Hong Kong

The way family networks developed varied by location. This article focuses on the Hong Kong community, and is the final part of the study on Macanese family networks to be published in the coming months. Read more

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