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December 2016

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So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye
Joe Lindsey, M&AMI, CM&AP, CBI
Chairman: The M&A Source Board of Directors

As the two-year term of my chairmanship comes to a close, here is one more article that was inspired, in part, by a song.  More about that later.  
It has been a tremendous honor to serve as the M&A Source's chief cook and bottle washer during 2015 & 2016 and to follow in the rather large footsteps of the past Chairs who occupied that role before me.  I've been very fortunate in that I was able to establish meaningful relationships with many of our association's past, present and future leaders. Each one of them, in their own way, generously provided words of wisdom and a sense of camaraderie that I will always cherish.

For those of you who don't know, Darrell Fouts was instrumental in the formation of The M&A  Source and served as our first Chairman  in 1992. 

In honor of the contributions he made to the M&A Source, an award was created in Darrell's name by 2001 Chairman Robert (Bob) Gurrola. Those who are considered for this award have displayed visionary leadership or exceptional contributions resulting in a distinct benefit to the M&A Source members, as well as uplifting and expanding the vision of the M&A Source and/or the mergers and acquisition profession.

During the awards luncheon at the M&A Source 2016 Fall Conference and Dealmakers Expo November 14-17, 2016 in Tempe, Arizona, members were recognized for service "above and beyond" on behalf of M&A Source.  We are grateful to these individuals for their contributions during the past year which make the M&A Source the organization it is today.

Amy Cole, M&A Advisor, MBA, CBB

CUSTOMER DIVERSITY - If too much of your current business is concentrated in too few customers, this is perceived as a negative in the acquisition market. The concern is that if the owner exits and the major customers leave, the business could be negatively impacted. On the plus side, if none of your customers accounts for more than 5% of total sales, that is viewed as positive. If you find yourself with a customer concentration issue and are planning an exit, start focusing on a program to diversify. A quick fix would be to make an acquisition of a competitor with customer diversity, integrate them and then take your company to market. 

Kevin Dempsey, CBI, CMEA
Founder and President of Silicon Valley Financial Partners, Inc.

When you are preparing your company for sale, there may be some issues that could hamper or prevent the legal sale of your company. This may require an M&A Attorney to mitigate or eliminate those issues prior to marketing your company.
However, we don't usually recommend engaging an M&A attorney until we have negotiated a non-binding Letter of Intent that includes all the terms of the deal. This strategy will save costly legal fees you might spend for a deal that may never happen.

A Summary of M&A Fees for Sell-Side Transactions
John Carvalho, Contributing Writer
Article reprinted courtesy of Divestopedia

Takeaway:  An overview of M&A fees for sell-side transactions.
Investment banks   offer expertise and know-how that can add significant value to any transaction, but complicated fee structures can be daunting and confusing in picking an investment banker.  

Gary Miller
Managing Director of the SDR Consulting Division

Many business owners are jumping on the bandwagon to sell their companies, trying to take advantage of the current hot market and frothy multiples being paid by buyers. With the impending Baby Boomer tsunami, more businesses are and will be for sale over the next few years than at any other point in history. This trend creates a competitive environment among sellers and leads buyers to look more closely at the quality and price value relationship of any potential acquisition.
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