Upcoming Events

October 15
10th Annual Jeff Chavis Golf Tournament
Ponderosa Country Club 
Lexington, SC

October 22-24
Lexington Boot Drive
Lexington, SC

For more information contact Alicia Sweat at asweat@sfbf.net
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
Maya Angelou
Fall is a busy time for FUNraisers. And it's not just in Augusta where funds are raised. The three eve nts listed below represent Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. We are grateful for the regional
pport that we
have received.

September 15
REO Speedwagon performed at the Bell Auditorium, Augusta. The Burn Foundation received $25,363 from this event. 

September 19

Easley Fire Department in South Carolina held its annual Boot Drive raising $13,629

September 22

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Chapter Firefighters' Burned Children Fund, Inc. attended a class taught by Dr. Mullins and also received a tour of the Burn Center and the Chavis House. While here, the group donated $1,500 in gift cards.
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October 2015  



October 30th will be a bittersweet day as it ends Jo Maypole's tenure with the Burn Foundation and begins her new season of life in retirement. Jo's contributions to the Burn Foundation these past five years have been immeasurable. Her warmth, charm and wit made the Burn Foundation an inviting place for friends and strangers to visit and linger. Her professionalism and business acumen have attributed to the Burn Foundation's strong fiscal health. Jo is, indeed, one-of-a-kind and she will be sorely missed.  Best wishes on your retirement, Jo! 

Jo with her granddaughter, Haven

A Letter From Jo:  
As one who has based my life on faith - not fear - I am excited about my retirement from
Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation. I want to spend more time with my precious family. If you know me well - you know that I travel light - only one suitcase.   This time my bag is filled with so many sweet moments that my heart is broken open with mercy and gratefulness. Memories are like little gems mined from a mountain stream. In the years ahead I will take them out, roll them around my brain, and their sparkle will always bring joy.

My time as the President of the Burn Foundation has been life changing. I have been moved to tears by the courageous burn survivors and the strong family members who stand by with unwavering faith in God and trust in the health care professionals who work at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center.  Families like the Badkes, the Chavis's, the Harris's, the McKemeys and some that I never even met inspired me. I know that grief never truly goes away but these folks taught me that loss can open our hearts to insight and greater purpose.

I think of the church groups that bring meals to our guests, the fire departments that host boot drives, the community leaders that lead our annual BFF campaign, the corporations that sponsor events and I am filled with gratitude. I have worked with many groups but none more dedicated than firefighters. They rally when we need help, raise money year-after-year, and politely referred to me as "Miz Jo." That always brought a smile to my face.  

I will long remember the members of our Board of Directors who weigh each decision carefully on a scale of head-to-heart. They are compassionate, smart, dedicated leaders. I owe a debt of gratitude to the team that I worked with - Alicia, Alice, Beth, Cathy, James, Krystal, Pam, Tiffany, and Wanda. I appreciate each time that they stretched beyond what was expected simply because it was the right thing to do.    To you, our generous donors and supporters, I am grateful for your gifts of time and money. "Thank-you" seems like a mighty short phrase for so many people who have done and will continue to do so much but sometimes "thank you" is just the best parting gift.


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