JULY 21,  2012
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RIch and Ariel Resuta
Richard Resuta
Aug. 7, 1959 - July 5, 2012


Forgiveness is the path to peace in all relationships. Although Rich and I have experienced a divorce, custody battles and many other differences of opinions through the 17 years we have known each other, when he passed I was completely at peace with him. I have no regrets, nothing left unsaid. Although we have been divorced for almost 8 years, I have continued to love him. Once we are connected to someone through love, we are connected forever.

Rest In Eternal Peace

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving Ariel and watching over her from the other side.

Rich was a step-father to my two sons, Adam and David. After our divorce the boys continued to have a relationship with Rich. Rich always remembered both Adam's and David's birthdays every year.

On August 7th, what would have been Rich's 53rd birthday, my family and I are celebrating Rich's life by having a "perfect Rich Resuta day" to celebrate his life.

We will begin by having a ceremony at the top of Flagstaff Mountain, a place where you can feel the presence of God and I took Rich once when he visited. After Rich's ceremony Adam, Klarissa, Ariel and I will do a 3 mile run, to commemorate his 26 years of running The Peachtree Road Race. After our run we plan to eat plain cheese pizza - his favorite, followed by large bowls of Edy's Espresso Chip ice cream while we watch the following movies:

Me Myself and Irene
Dumb and Dumber
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 



Everything Is Going To Be Alright

May, June and July have been a whirlwind of celebration, chaos, travel, growth, death and surrender. 


Rich and Ariel Resuta 2012


In May, Ariel's father traveled to Boulder to celebrate our daughter's 16th birthday. Rich visited Ariel each month since our move there. Being in Boulder allowed him to make the drive to see Ariel in one day, versus several days to drive to Atlanta. Our move to Boulder coincidentally coincided with Rich's move to Williston, North Dakota where he went to work. We both exited from Atlanta, Georgia within one week of each other. 
As many of you know Rich had a degree in Physical Education and taught middle school for two years at Dickerson in Marietta. He began building houses shortly after deciding teaching was not for him after getting his Real Estate license. 


The home building industry had taken a nose dive in the Atlanta area and Rich could not support his daughter in the way he wanted to. After much soul searching he opted to throw caution to the wind and work in the oil fields where there was plenty of hard work and money when you did so. Rich prided himself on being one of the oldest men on the job. Rich was always actively involved in Ariel's life - even though she sometimes wished he wasn't. 


Much to Ariel's chagrin, and at Rich's suggestion we held a surprise party for her with her friends at Scott Carpenter Park in Boulder. Ariel was completely surprised, but commented later that it felt more like a 13th birthday party, than a 16th. With pizza, frisbee, soda and bubbles in the park, we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together. I am sure the memories of this party will last her a lifetime.


In June we traveled to Atlanta to visit my son, David and his wife, Ashley as well as our old friends that we left behind last September when we moved. I did a series of readings at The Inner Space and two workshops there as well. For a variety of reasons we drove my Honda and Ariel and I enjoyed spending that quality time together. It was wonderful to see David and Ashley and all the projects that they had done in their new home. On this trip we drove 4,000 miles.


On July 4th, I began my trek to Toronto for my mother's 90th birthday. Ariel had her first job and opted to stay in Boulder with her brother Adam and his girlfriend Klarissa. I drove again and enjoyed the solitude of the 1,500 mile trip each way. While in Chicago I visited Maria Rodriguez whom I met in Bali two years ago. We had a wonderful time together, dining in her wonderful Mexican restaurant, El Nuevo in downtown Chicago. were able to get to know each other better than we had in Bali. As we walked towards a waiting taxi I received a call from Williston, North Dakota where Rich (Ariel's Dad) was working. Rich's operations manager called to tell me that Rich had passed away that very day in his sleep. As I spoke to him I dropped to the pavement on the downtown Chicago street. I knew it was coming, but I did not expect it right now. It was still a shock. 
Ariel had a recurring dream for two years running that her father would be killed in an accident. The dream was always the same, Rich had an accident in his truck while driving Ariel to high school. Ariel said Rich did not recover consciousness and died each time in her dream.
Ariel was looking so forward to seeing him the weekend of July 14th. She had told me how much she was looking forward to hugging him. Often she felt intruded upon by his visits - even though she ended up enjoying the time with her father. 


The man at the other end of the telephone continued to speak. He described the way Rich was found. His arms crossed over his chest (his classic meditating position) and a smile on his face. He had laid down to meditate before his shift. When he visited me in spirit form later that night he told me that a door had opened and he simply walked through it. He said there was no pain, no heart attack. He told me he was fine, at peace. He was only 52, the exact age his father had died. Rich had given up eating red meat while in college when he discovered what it did to people's hearts. He continued to run, work out regularly and ate healthily - except for his penchant for pizza and ice cream.


I had offered to do an Akashic Record reading for Rich about a year ago. Much of what I told him hit home. This reading and subsequent readings and intuitive guidance I received and gave to Rich showed him that the guidance I received was accurate. He had years of evidence and had begun to trust what I told him. When I urged him to visit his mother while she was in the hospital after a heart attack in 2011, he went. I am so glad I pushed him to go, as this was the last time they saw each other.


The last time I saw Rich he had asked me to check on a tooth abscess for him energetically. He asked if the infection was gone from his gum. I checked and found the infection was no longer in his gums, but had travelled and affected his heart. I told him so. I also said that he had ignored his teeth for far too long and this fact had taken its toll on him. He nodded and said that he had noticed pain in his chest and down his arm when he bent down to pick up anything heavy. I told him this was very serious and could kill him. I suggested a strong antibiotic that was NOT a broad spectrum. He called his dentist and requested a stronger more directed antibiotic and his dentist told him that what he had was fine.


The week before I left for Toronto my guides began telling me that I would have to set up a trust fund for my daughter. They were giving me information that Rich's death was imminent. 


Rich and I met at a Tarot workshop in Atlanta at The Inner Space over 17 years ago. My father had just passed away three months earlier. My father visited me in spirit form regularly and gave me messages in dreams as well as speaking to me during my waking hours. He often visited me when I was gardening. Perhaps that was why I ended up doing landscaping for 11 years. Rich however, was the one that helped me name my company, For Heaven Scapes, Ltd., and it was his strong encouragement to work for myself that I did so. If you have read my book, Odyssey Victim to Victory he is Mitch. I wrote two chapters about him as our marriage and post divorce relationship was tumultuous and life-changing. We had shared custody for 7 years until he turned Ariel over to me on January 25th almost 3 years ago. It was very difficult for both my daughter and I. I now understand why it was so important for Ariel to have this relationship with her father while he lived. Ariel is a strong heart-centered Indigo young lady. She processed her father's death for the two weeks I was away, with the loving support of her brothers Adam and David as well as Klarissa and her sister-in-law, Ashley. After all is said and done, Ariel said she is glad Rich was her father. She has no regrets having done her own forgiveness ceremony privately last September and then telling her father she was sorry for anything she ever did that may have hurt or harmed him. 
No regrets. No anger. No venom. No hate. Only love. Once we love someone, we are forever tied to them. You might as well love them. It makes life so much easier.
This morning I went to work at my part-time job at the 29th Street Mall in Boulder. While standing waiting on my manager to show up to unlock the store door, I talked to a friend. Overhead music played as I watched a window washer washing the storefront windows. I recognized the song that played was one of Rich's favorites, he used to sing it for Ariel when she was little. It became their song. Shawn Mullen's Lullabye, played, "Everything is going to be all right, Rockabye. As I walked through the store the lights dimmed and a hangar broke all by itself and fell to the floor. Rich was sending me a message. Everything is going to be all right, Rockabye.



 The above is an excerpt from Jennifer's new book, Love Never Dies. 

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