Those of you that know us ... know... we are  huge believers of manifesting things in our lives through the power of knowing!

We knew over a year ago that something had to go in our lives-Rick and I had worked very hard the last three years to build our coffeehouse in downtown Ellijay. As we look back and reflect on the first few years building out the farm...laying water lines, electric lines, building platforms, traveling to India to get tents conceptualizing the entire business~ i must say we have a bit of a chuckle realizing that it is 'these' processes that seem to excite us- it's always the goal to bring it to fruition.
Last May when we listed our Farm for sale within a few months we had a potential buyer-after 4 months the deal fell apart in early October! (Yes that meant we allowed a contract to lag on for 4 months)...of course when the deal fell through we were in peak season! Ahhh... why not cash in on the busiest time of the year, so we focused and closed in early December as usual..
Winter was upon us before we had much time to really reflect we decided to venture down the path of traditional real estate selling. After just a few months we thought there seemed to be a bit of confusion about what we were selling...was it just property, an established B&B, an Event Venue, was it about Glamping or all of the above? With this indecisive mindset we decided to take it off the market and regroup. We also decided to use the rest of the winter to think about what we wanted 2017 to look like and of course wait for the 'knowing'.

Since winter was so mild this year we had time to go out to our farm where we did some general maintenance and oh did we fall in love again! We painted, refurbished, rebuilt and planted - we once again embraced our first love. As winter melted into spring we also realized that now, with the luxury sleeping tents, my studio, the farmhouse and a live in Inn Keeper we could really focus on full property rentals and more all inclusive events. We redecorated the farmhouse to be the cutest ever B&B, gave my studio a bit of a facelift and the reservations and inquires started to pour in.
We opened the season with a group of 14 friends that went to college in Alabama together and were now into their lives of work, babies and the fading memories of college days. They decided to rent the entire property to bring their gang back together to unwind and rekindle. They took advantage of our chef to enjoy dinners on the property and evenings they hung out around the bonfire - we do believe a good time was had by all! 
I was reminded once again that to manifest what you want you first must visualize it and then let go.
For some people the hardest part of owning their own business is thinking about the first few years of uncertainty, the continual 'reinventing  in order to build it, refining it and finally solidifying it. For us that was the easy part just like at the coffeehouse, now approaching our 3 years in business we have that well oiled machine....we still have so much further to grow but the foundation is there.
Once again we are reminded that we LOVE the process and for us when its time to let go we can know that the perfect person is going to walk into our lives that understands the culture we have created and fits the business model to a T.
 We are offering an opportunity for someone to fulfill their dream on the powerful foundation we have built. The Martyn House Farm is For Sale and if this is of interest to you or maybe someone you know please inquire or check us out...

About Us
We are Rick and JoAnn and we offer a unique collection of businesses... First there is The Farm ~ A Bed & Breakfast located on 18 beautiful acres & Home of Glamping, it is also an Intimate Event Venue ~ perfect for destination weddings. 
Then we have our 1940's completely renovated building in historic downtown Ellijay where we have a Coffeehouse with an Espresso Bar and Cafe, an event venue and a photography Studio. We can assure you we are a work in progress!
We hope you will come stay in one of our luxury sleeping tents at The Farm or come have a cup of coffee at the Coffeehouse.
If you have already visited us we hope it was worth talking about so please continue to pass the word. And and of  course be sure to always live your lives creatively!
The Martyn House 
The Farm  
912 Flat Branch Road           
Ellijay, Georgia 30540 
The Martyn House In Towne   
131 North Main St
Ellijay, Georgia 30540 
          706-635- 5565                                               

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