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January 2017

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) provides free, wireless point-of-sale devices for SNAP-authorized farmers' markets and direct farmers in California. They also cover all EBT transaction fees!

We've received reports that private EBT processing vendors are aggressively targeting farmers' markets to try to gain their business. Read more about it here. We strongly recommend working with CDSS - it's the only service in California that is completely free for farmers' markets!

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Dianne Padilla-Bates, Farmers' Market Specialist at CDSS:(906)-654-1396

The Ecology Center assists farmers' markets statewide in adding CalFresh EBT systems.  We do this by providing one-on-one training, technical assistance, tools, templates, and promotional materials. We have assisted hundreds of market in becoming CalFresh EBT accessible. We can help you too, and it's free! We can assist with:
  • FNS application
  • obtaining a FREE wireless point-of-sale device
  • ordering and purchasing scrip
  • bookkeeping and accounting tools
  • market staffing and redemption models
  • print-ready outreach materials and press release templates
  • free at-market signage
  • listing on the Farmers' Market Finder
  • incentive programs like Market Match
The process for a farmers' market is easy and free. Contact us today!

This January, the Ecology Center will be releasing a Request For Applications (RFA) for farmers' markets interested in offering  Market Match incentives.

Market Match is an incentive program that doubles the value of CalFresh purchases at participating farmers' markets and other direct marketing outlets, supporting California's small and mid-sized farmers and helping low-income families put more healthy food on their plates.

More details will be coming in January. If you have urgent questions before that time, please contact Carle Brinkman.
Statewide Farmers' Market Access & Equity Program, 510-548-2220 x236