Friday, August 24, 2012
Event: 2012 Utah Beer Festival    new logo on black
Sunday, August 26th
Gallivan Center 2PM-7PM
Head down to the Gallivan Center and enjoy samples or full pours of over 85 local and regional brews.  DOUBLE the beer from last year! Buy your tickets in advance, they go up $10 on the day of.

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The Ocho: Beer Fest '12 Features 

8 new Utah Beer Festival features  

By Bill Frost Follow us on Twitter 

Eight exciting new features at this year's Utah Beer Festival, happening Sunday, Aug. 26 at the Gallivan Center (in case you hadn't heard):

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Culture:  The 5 Most Ridiculous Drinking Myths You Probably  Believe

( Considering that booze is one of the pillars of human civilization, it's kind of shocking how little we know about it. For instance, we pointed out a while back that some popular misconceptions about alcohol persist despite being goddamned fatal. So, before you get too drunk to read this, let's knock down a few more common ones, like ...

#5. Beer Gives You a Beer Gut

#3. American Beer Is Weaker Than Others...

Glad You Asked: Weekend Edition   new logo on black  
By Colin Wolf Follow us on Twitter
Dear GYA, As a woman  I'm complete shocked and disappointed with Representative Todd Akin's recent comments. But as a small business owner, I'm even more pissed because I was two days away from debuting my... Read More 

: Brilliant Beer Can Design
(  Unfortunately it's only a concept, for "Naked" beer.
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