Tuesday, November 13, 2012
News Quirks: Never Too Old
By Roland Sweet

A man who stole T-shirts from a New York

City store was making his getaway on foot when he passed James Marr, 79, who said he heard somebody yelling "Stop thief!" and spotted the shoplifter "with a full laundry bag running past full tilt." Marr noticed some papers fly out of the suspect's bag that turned out to be... Read More


News Blog: Salt Lake County Budget 

Meetings Tuesday

By Eric S. Peterson Follow us on Twitter

It's a balancing act between taxpayers' burden and public safety as the Salt Lake County discusses funding for the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office during council meetings Tuesday, Nov. 13. Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon recently proposed a 17.5 percent property tax hike for county residents to cover expenses such as... Read More


Photos: Venice Under Water

(theatlantic.com) Heavy rains and high tides have brought some of the worst flooding to Venice, Italy in years. The "acqua alta", or high water, is common this time of year and Sunday's level of 149 centimeters (4 ft, 10 in) was below the 160 centimeters (5 ft, 2 in) recorded four years ago in the worst flooding in decades. The bad weather and torrential rainfall will continue through Tuesday, forecasters said... See More


Food & Drink: A Local Table
Company Delivers Local Foods To Your Door
By Virginia RainyEver get a blank stare or encounter a silent pause when you rave about Utah-produced artisan foods to friends and family who don't live here and therefore don't shop our farmers markets or have access to our specialty food shops? Well, there's a... Read More

Photos: Unimpressed Animals 
17 Pets Who Are Clearly Not Interested In You 
(huffingtonpost.com) Not every dog wants to play ball. And not every kitten wants to chase that ball of yarn. Sometimes, they're just not interested in you, okay? Today is one of those days... See More

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