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The Art of Fasting
Mojo Juice Detox Program
100 Day Raw Food Challenge 2012
2012 Raw Food Class Series
Khepra's Juice Bar Grand Opening & Book Party Coming April 8th!
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The Art of Fasting 

The Oldest and Best Medicine for any Diseasefasting


In our information age where we have access to superfoods, super herbs, and other designer natural supplements for healing, maintenance and supplementation, the art of fasting scientifically is by far the most ideal and perfect way for the body to detox and heal from just about any modality known.  There are religious fasts where one would abstain from food or drink from sun up to sun down.  To fast "scientifically", it is necessary to abstain from physical food for at least 36 hours.  The objective for a scientific fast is to heal and detoxify so therefore, it is critical to use water, coconut water, and fresh fruit and vegetable juices to achieve the desired results. 


Very simply just like any other vehicle, whether it be an automobile,juice train, or an aircraft, scheduled maintenance has to happen at some point where the oil is changed, and other flushes happen for optimal operation.  In order for this type of maintenance to happen for the human body one has to undergo a fast with fresh juices and water.  No matter how clean one's diet is, rest and rejuvenation of the digestive system is necessary beyond a 24 hour period.  Eating protein and fat create buildup in the body.  Fat and protein dominant foods are building blocks.  There are times to eat buiding block foods and a time to break from building block foods and cleanse.  If a carpenter is constantly building in a workspace it will be very congested.  Water is needed to clean a carpenter's workspace.  To keep our systems up and operating at peak efficiency, it is critical to take periodic breaks from food.


When you have your next health challenge, look at your daily food consumption and consider if the food you are eating is creating the problem.  It is very likely that it is, therefore, put fasting to the test, take a break from food allowing the digestive system a well deserved rest, and that allows the body to do what it is designed to do, self-heal.


The Art of Fasting 
The Art of Fasting


The Art of Fasting Part 2
The Art of Fasting Part 2


"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need" - Ayurvedic Proverb   


Please email comments & questions to khepra@mojojuiceclub.com.

Mojo Juice Detox Program 2012
Go Into 2012 in the Best Way Possible!
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Fasting is an artform that should be practiced habitually for optimal results.  These programs are offered to give you an added incentive and opportunity to do what is best for healing, great health, and longevity.


This program is designed to help you attain a higher level of health. The first day we feast on delectable live cuisine for our orientation. From the next day the routine is fresh live juices for the entire week. There is no better way to heal your body. We are all our own doctors and have to take responsibility through proper diet, exercise with periodic fasting, and this program accomplishes all of those objectives. We complete the program on the following Sunday the way we started, with a live food feast!    

Most participants feel (depends on your level of toxicity);
� Increased Physical Energy
� Deeper Quality Sleep
� Greater Mental Clarity
� Joint Pain Eliminated
� Lighter, Physically & Spiritually
� Heightened Spiritual Awareness


Whether you are new to live foods and fasting or a veteran looking to maintain your health, this program can benefit anyone. We will do all the work preparing all the food and juices for the week. Don't do this alone if you don't have to! It's much more fun (and easier) when working in a group and our experienced staff will be on-call 24/7 to do whatever it will take to see that you will succeed. Call us TODAY, 202-489-8476 for more information.

The program was very easy. I never wanted to eat. I feel so light, I am going to do at least 90% live food. Also, I saw an improvement in my body from the first yoga class to the last. This detox will be the beginning of my new body and life.
-J. Ware

Mojo Juice Detox Schedule 2012** 
� February 19th - February 26th
@Tranzitionz in Laurel, call 301.317.8988 for more info 

March 18th - March 25th

June 17th - June 24th

September 16th - September 23rd 

December 16th - December 23rd

December 23rd - December 30th 

  **Dates & Locations are subject to change

Mojo Juice Detox $295
Buy Now     
Plan Your Own Detox
The above schedule doesn't work for you?  Detox on your own time and I will cater a program specifically designed to work with you.  Includes consultation, a raw food meal before and after fast, and coconut water and fresh juices during the week.

Specialized Detox for Individuals $350
Buy Now     

Mojo Juice Detox Guide
Not in DC Metro Area?  Want to Fast on your own?  Organize a group using the Mojo Juice Detox Guide with Juice & Food Recipes and Updated Weekly Regimen delivered via email in PDF format. Cost $15
Buy Now

Call 202-489-8476 for more information.
100 Day Raw Food Challenge 2012

January 1, 2012 - April 9, 2012 


Are you looking become healthier for 2012 and beyond?  Have been looking to do all raw only to see-saw back and forth with so-so results? Are dealing with a debilating illness and willing to use the raw food diet as a means to healing yourself?  Do you see yourself as healthy but want to go to the next level of health and vitality going all raw?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions and are looking for transformation in this year of transformation then this program is for you.  To participate, the cost is free and I will look to provide as many resources to support your success, including a free weekly video blog that will answer any questions.  The videos will posted on my youtube channel where you subscribe at www.youtube.com/khepra and my facebook page www.facebook.com/chefkhepra.  . 


The winter/spring time is ideal to plant the new seeds for healing, growth, and transformation and with the year 2012 upon us what better time to make this necessary step for your priceless mind, body, and spirit.  There will be classes offered beginning in January that will go periodically to April 9th, which will mark the 100th day of the year 2012.  The next event will be the introductory class entitled "Raw Kitchen Fundamentals".  For those who are interested in attending and are not local to Washington, DC this lecture will be broadcasted over the internet via webinar.  Details to follow as to how to register.


Class "Raw Kitchen Fundamentals"

Cost: $30 Buy Now

When: Sunday, January 22, 2012

Location: 402 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Time: 3pm - 5pm

Raw food, Juice, and Dessert will be for sale

Raw Culinary Class Series  


CHEF KHEPRA presents


3pm - 4pm "Becoming & Staying Raw in 2012" **Free Lecture** 



3pm - 5pm "Raw Kitchen Fundamentals" $30 Buy Now 



 3pm - 5pm "Salads, Dressings, Side Dishes" $45 Buy Now



3pm - 5pm "Juices, Milks, Soups" $45 Buy Now




3pm - 5pm "Entre�s, Wraps" $45 Buy Now



3pm - 5pm "Sprouted Foods (Breads, Dips, Sides)" $45 Buy Now 








402 H ST NE



Khepra's Raw Bar New Schedule

Monday - Saturday 12pm - 8pm

Sundays & Holidays 2pm - 6pm


(202) 489-8476



These events are designed to support you and community in becoming healthier for 2012.   

Khepra's Raw Food Juice Bar &

Paradise Health Book Vol. 1  

Grand Opening & Book Party Sunday, April 8th! 


 book cover  book cover back

 live plate



Raw Food Preparation DVD
New Volume 4 Now Available!class

Recipes featured on Volume 1 were Avocado Plantain Pie, Marinated Greens, Wild Rice, Wild Berry Creme Pie, Nut Milk and much more. Over 3 hours of insight and instruction. Recipe handout presented at class will be emailed with order.  

Volume 2 features raw buckwheat flax bread, nut burgers, sea veggies, cheesecake, and much more.  Over 3 hours of insight and instruction.  Recipe handout presented at class will be emailed with order.

Volume 3 features raw buckwheat flax bread, nut burgers, potato salad, curry plantain, fresh greens, cheesecake, and much more.  Over 3 hours of insight and instruction.  Recipe handout presented at class will be emailed with order.

Volume 4 features lasagna, wild rice, sea veggies, fresh greens, green coconut water juice, and much more.  Over 3 hours of insight and instruction.  Recipe handout presented at class will be emailed with order.


Volume 1 Raw DVD $15
Buy Now

Volume 2 Raw DVD $15
Buy Now  

Volume 3 Raw DVD $15
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  *NEW* Volume 4 Raw DVD $20
Buy Now  

All 4 Volumes DVD set $50

Buy Now
About Mojo Juice Club
Our mission is to give you an opportunity to experience the best life possible through scientific fasting, diet, yoga, and lifestyle.  Your feedback is critical to us for meeting our goal of PARADISE HEALTH for the individual, family, community and greater society.  Hope to hear from you soon.


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