Dads are key players in most of our lives. It's important to have a day to celebrate them, tell them we love them, let them know how vital they are to our success and to the lives of our little ones.

How do we celebrate them?  Breakf
ast in bed, a craft made with our baby's hands, more cuddle time, time alone with the baby (and by "baby" I mean any age child).  Here are a few other ideas:
  • Does dad know that WEARING a baby reduces crying by 40% (in both baby and dad!) and that they look even sexier when they wear your child?  Consider scheduling a baby carrier fitting for him (use this link).  The Boba Carriers (3G and Air) are manly and super-comfortable and work for babies from birth to 3-4 years old!
  • Why not do something that helps dad (and mom) communicate with baby and vice versa?   There's a Baby Signing class this coming Saturday at 1:00 pm (register by Friday at 5:00 pm by clicking here).
  • Give dad a massage!  Rachel Blessington, LMT  is available to give massages at Babies in Common.  Schedule one today using this link!
  • Is dad into cloth diapering or curious about it?  Lauralynn from The Pampered Bum will be here on Saturday from 3:00 - 7:00 pm, just drop in and peruse the diapers and diapering accessories that she has and ask lots of questions!

Are you expecting?  Know someone who is?   

  • Have you seen the movie Being Dad: Information and Inspiration for Dads-to-be?  If not, check out the movie trailer here.  A certain someone you know is featured in the film, actually (*ahem, blushing*).  
  • Additionally, there's an active and fun prenatal class on Saturday, June 22 called Move & Get Comfy for Labor.  It's a great date night thing to do before the baby comes and really helps dads and birth partners figure out how to be move involved during labor and birth.  This class is ideal for first-time parents who took a Prepared birth class and want more information or for experienced parents who are looking for a review class before a new baby comes into the family. 
Maybe dad is more of a morning person?
  • Alexandra from Sweet Pea Yoga is running a Father's Day Baby Yoga class in Southborough on Saturday morning.  Click here for more information!

As you can see there are lots of great ideas for letting dad know he's fabulous, loved and appreciated.   


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Reach out and hug a dad today!
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