How many of you have fathers, spouses, significant others who enjoy grilling?  Summer is right around the corner and so is Father's Day.

Our coffee dry rub is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next grilling event.  Simply sprinkle a few teaspoons of each serving of what you're planning to grill - great on beef, chicken, and even fish and vegetables, let stand for 30 minutes or more, then cook.  The coffee brings a deep, rich flavor, complimented by sweet, salt and spice.
Or add a few tablespoons to a pound of ground meat for great tacos or sloppy joes.  Try mixing a little into your scrambled eggs.  This is a versatile seasoning; not necessarily just for grilling.
Our rub contains coffee, brown sugar, salt, and seasonings, but there are NO HOT PEPPERS in the mix.  If you want a little heat, simply add your own pepper blend to the mix.

Bring the great flavor of coffee to a grill near you! 

Now only $8.50

 Dad deserves a break.  Treat him with an extra special cup of coffee.  Often described as "the Queen of Brazilian coffees", the Brazil Oberon is the perfect mix of nutty and sweet. It has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and a full body, and is
characterized by notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and cane sugars. 

With the weather getting hotter and hotter, cool down with a cup of Brazilian iced coffee.  Many people ask us what our method is; brew a pot of coffee and refrigerate!  It's that simple!  :-)

Now only $13.60

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Happy Thursday!  Happy Father's Day!  Happy Graduation!  Happy Summer!

Let's just call this "Happy Everything Week"!  And the first thing to make you happy is that our new coffee shipment will be arriving soon!  How about helping Dad's and Grads be happy by surprising them with a Muddy Dog Gift Certificate, Gift Box/Basket or a Muddy Dog Coffee/Espresso Subscription.  You deserve to be happy too.  Use this 8 cup Bodum Chambord French Press to make your iced coffee on these dog days of Summer.  And last, but certainly not least, let's all get up and do a Happy Dance! 

Dad's are special people
Who may teach you how to throw or catch.
Or perhaps he's better in the kitchen
And bakes cookies by the batch.
Whatever your dad is good at,
Whether it be fishing, boating or making toffee,
Take time out of your busy day and bring him a cup of coffee! 
Have a wonderful week! 
Debbie and Jim


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