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Hudson survived his perilous maiden voyage to his beloved China. With his heart set in determined obedience to God, trusting the provision of the One who had called him, Hudson overcame persecution and almost overwhelming personal losses to bring God's truth to the "ripe harvest fields" of China. Today, his story continues to challenge and inspire believers young and old to carry the anchoring gospel message, regardless of personal trial or hardships (1832-1905).

Audiobook: CD format (5 CDs)       Running Time: 5:06 hours 
Read by: Tim Gregory                        Ages:  10+

Klaus-Dieter John dreamed of becoming a medical missionary in the developing world. He would do whatever it took to reach his goal.  Dr. John's seemingly impossible vision of Diospi-Suyana, a world-class hospital for impoverished Peruvians deep in the Andes Mountains, was blessed by God to the end. Despite challenges and countless roadblocks, Klaus's dream was finally realized, bringing hope in a land loved by God. (1960-)

Audiobook:  CD format (5 CDs)           Running Time:  5:25 hours 
Read by:  Tim Gregory                           Ages:  10 +

This English doctor ministered to fishermen on the deadly North Sea. And when he heard about the appalling poverty and injustice across the ocean in Newfoundland, he went to work among the desperately poor fishing communities of the wild, remote Labrador coast. There Dr. Grenfell pioneered life-saving hospitals, schools, orphanages, and fishermen's co-ops. Everyone from heads of state to destitute children revered Sir Wilfred Grenfell for his kindness and courage (1865-1940).

Audiobook:  CD format (4 CDs)                Running Time:  4:34 hours 
Read by:  Tim Gregory                                Ages:  10 +
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