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1 February 2013



Hello Dear Friend,


Here we are, a month into this new year, the dawning of the Golden Age. 


I've experienced this as a full, mysterious and generous time. I hope it finds you well, optimistic and certainly attentive and curious. There is a lot happening!


I'm writing to share a new energy update with you for February, and to let you know of some of the upcoming events I've been guided to offer and to share some beautiful inspiration to fuel your journey.


This month we continue to orient. Our ability to tune to subtle energies and find our OWN way are everything right now. The experience, if we're honest and plugged in, is spacious, beyond anything we've known before and also one we can approach with a perfect pacing and participation made possible by our deepened self-love and allegiance to our heart.


New Energy Update

A new energy update, titled 


Map of the New Reality


is now available. 


Themes of this time.

This update speaks to themes of this time.

One implicit theme is participation. For anyone still here :)and awake, the sidelines are less and less an option. We're called to own our own unique sensibility and to trust it's value. We're nudged to create and love and live and be as we are, knowing we're in the exact perfect situation, place and way that serves our evolution and our creative self-expression. To discover and cultivate that delicate balance between loving what is and creating what we wish to evolve into. 


Weigh in--share your perspective.

Please click the link above and if you're inclined, share it with others.  Do you relate to this read of the energy? What do you find most useful for your own journey?  How are you participating? I'd love to know. Our collective sharing is part of the way we participate, acknowledging the Unity we are and encouraging one another. If you feel inclined to share, even if you've never done so before, go for it now! Everything is evolving and changing. It's wonderful to express and articulate your experience. Putting our sensations, feelings, insights and observations into words helps us trust and value our inner knowing.


Virtual One Day Retreats - Focus Intensive Experiences.

Speaking of which...recently I had the opportunity to share in a one-day virtual retreat with 15 other awakening beings, all focused upon Hearing & Trusting Ourselves. It's a profound gift to grow this in our lives! I want to formally thank those beautiful, courageous souls who joined, stepping into a deep conversation with their innate wisdom and opening it up for more flow. This is a great gift to all of us. So bless every way this becomes more the norm in our world.  If this kind of investigation is something that appeals to you, I'll be hosting another one of these retreats in the Spring--perhaps you'll join?  I'd be honored.


Rooting and supporting us in our newness, the other upcoming full-day, virtual, global retreat I am hosting is Self-Expression Liberated. This experience will be on March 10th and you can visit the Focus Intensive Page to learn more about this and the way Virtual Retreats work.  It's incredible to join from the convenience of your own home, cozying up in comfy clothes, answering the invitation to stepp out of the normal flow of life like all retreats, yet joining in a global gathering without airfare and hotel. I began these this past fall and they're AMAZING!!!  I will be doing more and more as the experience is incredible. Wow--we're so blessed by the ability to talk with fellow Lightworkers in Scotland, Australia, Canada and the U.S. and share in these kinds of experiences. I'm so grateful!


Lightworker Collective Events

This month we began the year with the first in a series of Global Collective Events to come together and participate in Creating the New Direction for the New Reality. The first event focused upon Orienting to the Dimensional Revision which has taken place (Jan. 26). During this amazing, and quite intense event, we received a transmission from Gaia, that guided us through a relating to place and using the energy of the places we love to generate and meet us, helping us know who we are in the New Reality and supporting our creative inclinations. There was also a transmission from Archangel Michael explaining much about this time and what's been accomplished. If you feel you'd like to experience this, you can still register and "play" via the audio download.  Click the linke below to register, and you'll receive a link to download the audio of this event.


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The Upcoming February Events in this series include:


Saturday, February 9, Lightworker Collective Event

Self-Discovery and Empowerment: Key Frequencies for Self-Expression

Saturday, February 23, Lightworker Collective Event

Manifesting for Self-Expression


To read more about what to expect of these 90-minute global events and to register for one, or the full series, please visit the Event Calendar. [Note: there are also limited options still available to sign up for all the events and a discounted Oracle Reading on this page.}
Workshops for the New Human.
Lastly, for anyone feeling inspired to create new work...to finally give in and bring a committed focus to creating work that you love, I offer the 12-Week Workshop: New Earth Ambassador Incubator
This program, which begins in March, is a detailed, guided, solid program to shine the light that you are, and create work aligned with your heart's desires.  Rooted in my years as a consultant guiding small businesses and informed by the new consciousness, it's a blend of the grounded Earthly tools to create a self-employed presence that is consistent with spiritual, New Earth ideals and energy principles and values and your own sense of alignment and truth. It's time to create our expression and model this new mode of authentic abundance as a way of illuminating, manifesting, and grounding the new reality. For a detailed overview of this incredible, small-group program that's spring-boarded others into new pathways of self-expression, click here:
May your heart be open wide to the blessings of your Soul.
This is our time, beloveds!
Blessings and love,





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