Loudest party of the year, for most, is an annual Super Bowl Party. Whether you're celebrating at a neighbor's house, your own home or coming down to the club ... it's gonna be a great time!

If you're headed to ABYC, count on some fun starting on Friday night between 5-7pm, when Patty Williams starts collecting $5.00 a square for our "ABYC Pool"! I'm betting on the Patriots ... who's your favorite?

Remember to bring an appetizer that will serve your friends and family. Jorge Saurez will be judging - awards for first, second and third place! ... Click the Super Bowl flyer for a downloadable PDF.

And Dave Schack wants me to remind all of you that there is a PCISA high school regatta this Saturday and Sunday. There will be close to 60 CFJs from all over Southern California sailing in the bay. Come on down and enjoy some exciting youth sailing!

Reminder the February 16th General Membership Meeting is being hosted by the Juniors. I'll give you a huge update next week on whats scheduled.

Enjoy your weekend,

Stacy Massey
Your ABYC Communications Cheerleader   *\0/*