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Save The Date 2012 Human Resources Symposium July 26, 2012

Save the date for this year's can't-miss human resource event, brought to you by The Corporate University, Kent State University at Stark. Stay tuned for further details.

Where is the The Corporate University Catalog?
If you are wondering why you have not received a 2012 Program Catalog, we would love to speak with you. In response to client feedback, we are proud to announce a new way of delivering professional development programs - designed to address the unique needs of your organization through a long-term, customized partnership. While we are not mailing catalogs, we do want to speak with you, in person or by telephone, to discuss how The Corporate University and the new Knowledge Network programs continue to fulfill the professional development needs of your organization. Please call us at 330-244-3508, so that we can discuss the needs of your organization.
The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence
by Willetta Shoemaker, Outreach Program Coordinator 


The Corporate University, Kent State University at Stark in partnership with the Ohio Small Business Development Center offers learning opportunities for local entrepreneurs. The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence offers programs to entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and secure a legacy for the future.

When you consider the phrase, The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, what image pops into mind? To find out what the words entrepreneur and excellence mean, we can turn to the dictionary. Entrepreneur is the term used to describe "a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk." Upon further investigation you may make an interesting discovery. There is no synonym nor antonym for the word entrepreneur in the dictionary. How odd and how interesting! The word entrepreneur is unique and, we may  suspect, so are the individuals who bear that label.

Now consider the word excellence. Excellence means "the fact or state of excelling; superiority; eminence." A very good synonym for excellence is distinction.

The programs offered through The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence are designed to transform you into an entrepreneur of distinction. Its three programs concentrate on strategic planning for your organization, how to use your strengths to achieve success and how to hire the best employees. To learn more about the programs, please contact The Corporate University at 330-244-3508 or visit the website.

Are You Setting Goals for 2012? 
by Kelli Baxter, Director 
Strategic planning and goal setting are common denominators for the success of every organization. When employees of all levels are involved in the planning process, job satisfaction increases and turnover decreases. Additionally, managers, supervisors and associates are empowered to support the strategies by setting - and achieving - departmental and individual goals. These objectives help focus individual and organizational attention on the areas of greatest return, resulting in dramatic and sustainable productivity improvements.


Ideally, these exercises are conducted on a company-wide level annually, and many organizations align their strategic planning and goal setting with the start of a new year.
Consider The Corporate University, Kent State University at Stark as your partner. One of our expert business consultants will provide an outside perspective to your discussions and will stay focused on the task at hand, ensuring that your organization gets the most out of its planning experience.
by Julie Bland, Outreach Program Coordinator 
Coaching is the practice of supporting an individual through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result.  Studies have shown that business coaching for top executives at large companies yields five to seven times the company's initial investment.  Is it any wonder that coaching is gaining in popularity?

Coaching offers individual benefits to the coachee, such as improved working relationships with direct reports, peers, direct supervisors and clients; improved teamwork and increased job satisfaction.  The organization providing coaches to leaders benefits through increased productivity, organizational strength, employee retention, cost reductions and bottom-line profitability.  If you are ready to make significant organizational differences and maximize employee potential, contact The Corporate University to discuss coaching opportunities for all levels of leadership in your organization. 

 "A coach is part advisor, part sounding board, part cheerleader, part manager and part strategist." - The Business Journal
Vi Leggett, chief external affairs officer for Aultman College, discusses Aultman Hospital's partnership with The Corporate University, Kent State University at Stark.


"In my current role I look for educational opportunities for the leadership team of Aultman Health Foundation. I try to identify a good fit for the needs that they have with training that can help them propel the organization forward and align with our strategic plan."

"Aultman has had a partnership with The Corporate University for years prior to my involvement. It has evolved into a much more strategic relationship. If I have a question or a challenge and I just need to brainstorm with experts in the area, I feel comfortable and confident calling them. It's a collaboration and that's what has made our relationship successful."

"Working with the professionals at The Corporate University has been a great experience. They really look at what is important to us at Aultman, and match us with consultants who have similar philosophies and whose facilitation styles help us achieve the results we are looking for."


"We believe the programs our leaders have attended at The Corporate University have had a positive impact on our organization, which is why we'll continue to use them for training and professional development."

Chuck Violand, president of Violand Management Associates, discusses partnership with The Corporate University, Kent State University at Stark.


Violand Management Associates, located in North Canton, provides training and consulting to service businesses.


"In 2004 we enlisted the help of The Corporate University, Kent State University at Stark to develop what has become an annual Executive Summit, which brings higher level education, leadership and management training to small business owners. Because we partnered with The Corporate University, we've been able to grow that program over the last seven years into the only program of its kind in the industry."


"My experience working with The Corporate University has been turn key.Every instructor and every consultant has been very well received, and they are just awesome. I can always depend on the consultants to deliver a good product to the attendees. They do a great job of getting people involved in the learning process, and as a result, they are able to take with them things that they can implement in their businesses that coming Monday."


"When one of the leading instructors in the restoration industry came up to me and made the comment that the instructors that we've used through The Corporate University at Kent State Stark far surpassed anything he's seen in the industry, that speaks volumes to me."


"One of our goals was to tap into the expertise that we needed to elevate our programs above other offerings. Being able to link the Violand Management name with an institution of higher education like Kent State University has repositioned us as a higher level training and consulting organization."

Thank you, Vi and Chuck, for your continued partnership with and trust in The Corporate University.
We look forward to learning with you soon.

Kelli Signature 
Kelli Baxter, Director
The Corporate University 
Kent State University at Stark