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Welcome to HEARTFELT, the free GenOn Ministries e-letter. Designed for busy families who want to grow body, mind and spirit, and who want support and encouragement.

Each edition will have information for parents and for children around a timely topic, and a session of "Family 'Round the Table" which will include a dinner theme and menu, activities for your family to do together, a Bible study, and a framework for family prayers and worship.

This month's edition is about strengthening your child's faith; it is the second in series about what worries parents [and grandparents] and ways to cope with those worries. As usual, included are thematic recommendations for the Family Book Club discussion as well as helpful articles and reading lists for children, youth and adults.  [Next month is all about "Developing Moral Character" --- the next in Heartfelt's 2013 series on how to overcome fears and anxieties and enjoy parenting more.]
We'd love to hear from you about your own family experiences, your ideas and suggestions for future issues, and your feedback! Send your comments to patjanssen@genonministries.org.
Find this issue's link below! Please forward this link on to your neighbors, friends and family ---to anyone who you believe might benefit from having a regular resource for parenting support!

Blessings on your family,
GenOn Ministries