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Intestinal Health Newsletter February 2014
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Cracker Package
Organic Raw Crackers


The January Top Ten

Or what are people up to now?


We have just finished Super Bowl Mania and now we are heading to another indulgent moment, Valentine's Day! So prepare with more fortitude on your Detoxification Lifestyle path. This January has been one of the most exciting months for the variety of cleanses, food choices and diets that my clients and friends are practicing and embracing. I thought I would share the Top Ten of this prodigious list. Hopefully, you are inspired by some of these choices so much so that you abandon your TV remote and take action like walk to the kitchen and drink another glass of water or make your favorite herbal tea.


1. For Crust and Cracker Lovers -

    3 Favorites


One client orders directly from Mauk Family Farms. Her favorites are the Raw Mineral Rich Crusts and the Raw Wheat Free Crusts. The Green Crackers are her favorite at Lydia's Organics


2. Thomas Rau MD of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland 

Dr Rau has developed an Intestinal Kit that is a 35-day 2-phase program and sells for $180.

His goal is the rebuild a healthy intestinal system. He uses as part of his program 10 Pleo Sanum remedies and a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions. A client and I are going to do his program beginning April 14th if you care to join us.


3. The Arise & Shine 14-Day Cleanse

A few clients are doing the 14-day cleanse and loving it. The kit is $144 and comes with a bottle of each product including the psyllium, bentonite, Herbal Nutrition, Chomper and Flora Grow. You follow a vegan diet on the Cleanse. On the 2nd day of this cleanse, one client released a few feet of mucus during the colonic. Hoorah!


4. Nicholas Gonzalez MD practicing in New York City, NY 

My youngest brother, Brian and his wife, Susan, were visiting in early January. We got into a discussion of Gonzalez's individualized nutritional protocols for cancer and other degenerative diseases. Coffee enemas are used in his program and are staging a big comeback. I have info at the office on the Coffee Implants. Call or email if you would like more info to combine them with colonics and liver flushing.


According to Gonzalez MD:

"Detoxification" refers to procedures such as the coffee enema, which are believed to enhance liver function and in turn, the processing and excretion of metabolic wastes. The coffee enemas are done twice daily, and patients most commonly report symptomatic relief.


5. Dr Schulze of the American Herbal Pharmacy

Dr Schulze has the 5-day Detox Programs  (Bowel, Liver, Kidney), the 30-day Detox, The Incurables Program and a host of digestive and eliminative products. They are all herbal and very effective. I carry his Intestinal Formula's 1 and 2, a part of his Bowel Detox program. Clients have been very successful cleansing the gut wall with his products and using colon hydrotherapy.


6. Dietrich Klinghardt MD

Dr Klinghardt is big with metal detoxing and treating Lyme Disease. One client visited him during January. He suffers from chemical poisoning and he is consulting Klinghardt on the chelation of toxic metals. Colon hydrotherapy is part of their protocol.  


7. Dr Young The pH Miracle Living

Dr Young has been around for a while. His program is strenuous and successful. He follows an alkaline program and from time to time offers cleanses with online coaching. Plus he has a line of products. One couple that comes in are in the middle of one of his 14-day programs.  


8. Intermittent Fasting 

Dr Mercola and others have been promoting eating within a 4-8 hour window during the day, there's more to it than that. Plus the key is to improve insulin sensitivity and reset one's sugar metabolism. Check it out. It might be worth it for a while to reset your sugar habits. Great article by Mercola MD.


9. The Whole 30� Program  

I was at a birthday party last night and as it was finishing someone brought up the Whole 30� Program. I laughed, wow, another diet to add to my Top Ten List. I like this one. Basically, no processed foods, eating natural for a month. The site has a PDF you can download. It's another 30-day program.


10. Histamine Diet 

I actually found this on the GAPS™ yahoo group. Some people are so sensitive they have to refine the very diet they are on. Yasmina Ykelenstam, the Low Histamine Chef, has some great books and blogs. I think you'll get a kick out of the readings and learn a lot about the importance of probiotics. I work with people who are interested in and practicing the GAPS™ Diet 


I hope my Top Ten list has inspired you to take action and take your health to the next level. More and more clients and friends are trying different products, cleanses and diets. More and more of them are very happy that they are feeling much better. No more afternoon bloat, extra pounds, out of control eating. Now, energy, clarity and creativity.


Be in touch. I can work with you for your colonics and best diet and/or cleansing program.


For Colon Hydrotherapy & Detoxification Programs

For Sale


Arise & Shine Alkalizer Formula, 12 ounces in powder form, that retails at $38. The first person that signs up for the Stepping Stones to Health Workshop gets the Alkalizer Formula for Free. 




Call 520-325-9686
Pick up at my office. 
Offer Expires: First Come First Serve!

Upcoming Events 


Stepping Stones to Health


February 7 Friday 5:30- 8:00 PM

February 8 Saturday 9:00 - 4:00 PM


Ann Baldwin and I have a new name for our workshop - Stepping Stones to Health. Health progress is one step at a time. We've added 1.5 hours to our original 8-hour workshop to give more time for discussion, processing and practice. You will have more time to play the computer games for relaxation and prepare delicious natural food dishes.


Friday, February 7, 5:30-8 PM

  • 7-minute workout
  • Solutions for Sugar Overload Power Point
  • The Skinny on Obesity: A Fast-Paced Fast Food Life
  • Food Demo & Tasting
  • Stress & Overeating
  • Stress Reduction Exercise

Saturday, February 8, 9-4 PM

  • Nature Walk
  • Guidelines for Good Eating
  • Biofeedback: Watching Your Heart Relax
  • Food Demo & Tasting
  • Hands on Practice Time: Em Wave & Food Prep
  • How to Unload Toxins
  • Yoga Hour
  • Lunch - Sheila's Own Recipes
  • Games to Control Your Stress Levels
  • Setting Up the Natural Kitchen
  • Positive Emotions & Intuitive Eating
  • Dessert, Q&A, Evaluation, Meditation

Workshop Price $149


Download Flyer 



Ann Baldwin

(PayPal - click on "Upcoming Workshops", "Stepping Stones to Health")


Sheila Shea 520-325-9686 (Check or Cash)


Location: Columbus and Fort Lowell area/details upon registration


Workshop Leaders

Ann Baldwin PhD

Sheila Shea MA


Ann Baldwin Portrait  

Ann Baldwin PhD


Sheila Shea Portrait

Sheila Shea MA

Intestinal Health 


For more information, contact Ann or Sheila   



Dates for Upcoming Stepping Stones to Health Workshops


May 2, Friday, 5:30-8 PM; May 3, Saturday, 9 AM - 4 PM


September 5, Friday, 5:30-8 PM; September 6, Saturday, 9 AM - 4 PM


November 7, Friday, 5:30-8 PM; November 8, Saturday, 9 AM - 4 PM



GAPS™ Group  

February 21, Friday, 5:30-7:30PM 


Another wonderful evening exploring the GAPS™ diet and program. We will show powerpoint #5, share our stories and sample some delicious GAPS™ dishes. This diet restricts complex sugars, heals the gut walls and helps to reseed the good microbes.

RSVP Sheila Shea 520-325-9686

GAPS™ Group & Gathering


The GAPS™ Group regularly astounds me. Some are on full GAPS, others are curious for their condition or their children. The GAPS™ is all about healing the gut wall, reseeding the good microbes and detoxifying. So many diets today have a component of detoxing. So many of the nutritional speakers address the gut as the primary focus for healing. One of the women who attended is a nutritionist in Tucson and shared wonderful information from her perspective. Later we sampled some freshly homemade and fermented over 24 hours goat yogurt plus the bone broth from chicken I prepared earlier in the week.


Next GAPS™ Group is February 21, Friday from 5:30-7:30PM


If you wish to attend our group that I host monthly or you would like to know more about the program, you are welcome to call or email. 520-325-9686


Raw Tapas Workshop

Our raw food workshop was a lot of fun. Kathy Kirchner and I hosted it together and her recipe for vegetable crackers is delicious. They melted like butter in my mouth. We used 3 machines that are necessary equipment on the raw diet and actually on a natural unprocessed food diet. We used the dehydrator for the cracker recipes and the pesto stuffed mushrooms; the food processor for the pesto and the eggless egg salad; and the Vitamix for the cracker puree before it goes in the dehydrator. Many of these dishes can be prepared in quantity so you have snacks you can quickly retrieve from the frig when you are about to tackle a bag of cookies, a dozen donuts and the big 4 layer chocolate cake.


For Colon Hydrotherapy or GAPS™ counseling, please email/text or call/text 520-325-9686.

Special # 1

$120 for Valentine Cranial and Colonic Sessions


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Give yourself a holiday treat. Two hours of pure luxury and relaxation.  


Michael Pellegrino practices at my office at the Intestinal Health Institute. You go from his room after the cranial session to my room for your colon hydrotherapy session.


1 hour of Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) with Michael Pellegrino

1 session of colon hydrotherapy with Sheila Shea


Please call or email Sheila to make an appointment:



Special # 2

Student Clinic -- Colonics $50 Each 


I am having 2 new students at the office studying Colon Hydrotherapy. We will be offering colonics to those who wish to receive colon hydrotherapy from the students for $50 each. Please let me know if you would like to be one of the guinea pigs and sign up now.  My student is ready! 


Please call or email Sheila:  


Special # 3

Unlimited Annual Pass for $1500


For those of you who would like to make this your 'year of intestinal health' I am offering you an unlimited number of colon hydrotherapy sessions for one year from the date of purchase. This gives you unlimited opportunity to work on GI, liver, gall bladder, kidney and parasite cleansing. Some use this to have a breakthrough with very challenging personal health issues. The Colon Hydrotherapy is a perfect adjunct for many other therapies you may be using for your health improvement program!


Consider buying an annual pass!


$1500 for an Unlimited Annual Pass

No refunds on Pass

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Upcoming Events!
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Stepping Stones to Health


February 7 --  Friday
5:30 -- 8 PM
February 8, Saturday
9 -- 4 PM

Ann Baldwin & Sheila Shea

GAPS™ Group
February 21, Friday

Future  Workshops
Stepping Stones to Health

May 2, Friday, 5:30-8 PM

May 3, Saturday, 9 AM - 4 PM


September 5, Friday, 5:30-8 PM

September 6, Saturday

9 AM - 4 PM


November 7, Friday, 5:30-8 PM November 8, Saturday
9 AM - 4 PM

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The Intestinal Health Institute is offering the 8-Hour IACT Certification Course for all those who have given 100 documented colonics and would like to be certified by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. The Course requires membership in IACT and their test administered at my office. If you are interested, I am offering this day course for $600, 25% off the regular price of $800. IACT membership and test fees are in addition.  

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