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February  2014
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The Mission of the Pensacola Runners Association is to promote, support and develop running and racing along the northern Gulf Coast. Our objective is to provide information, education, training, social and sporting events for competitive and non- competitive runners and walkers of all ages, races, genders and abilities.


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From The Top


By Lewis Reddoch 


Welcome to the February Rundown!

This winter has been cold, unpredictable and downright brutal at times.  Many of us took our workouts inside with treadmill and spinning sessions.  The good news is that the long-range forecast calls for a return to normal Florida Panhandle moderate temperatures.  Spoiler Alert: the PRA Bay To Breakfast 8K Cross Country Challenge is just around the corner.  See the story below for the return to the Big Lagoon course that Glen Sefcik has crafted for this terrific family event! Spread the word, bring friends and walkers are certainly welcome.

Your PRA Board of Directors has voted to combine the UWF Cross Country Run with the PRA Membership Run to turn two good races into one great event.  More details will follow soon.

You definitely want to register early for the Fiesta of Five Flags 10K/5K! The band Class-X will crank out some post-race tunes as we present awards.  After all, it's our 40th Fiesta I do believe.  The Lou Gregory Award is presented at this event.  Join the history!

The highest award that our PRA bestows is the Dr. Lou Gregory Award.  It is given to an individual who has shown great leadership and enthusiasm in promoting the sport.  Now is the time for members in good standing to make nominations to:

Finally, we have extended the deadline to sign up for Grand Prix through the Bay To Breakfast 8K.  Incidentally, this race counts as your long run for the GP.  One more reason to do the B2B.  There is no charge to sign up for the Grand Prix.....SO, what are you waiting for?

Be safe and happy running,


Bay To Breakfast Moves
To Big Lagoon State Park
On February 22nd!

The Pensacola Runners Association has held races at the Big Lagoon State Park off of Gulf Beach Highway several times in the past.  Now the Bay To Breakfast 8K Cross Country Challenge is going to be held there on Saturday, February 22nd!  8K is about 4.9 miles and this is a tough course with a few rolling hills, a bridge, some soft sand, running on a road and wide trails in most places.  You'll want to test yourself and join in the fun.  This year we will feature a grey heather, long-sleeve race shirt that is perfect for training in cold weather.  Breakfast and refreshments will be served afterwards.


 You can get more details or register at OR you can register at Packet Pickup at the Pensacola Sports Association on Friday, February 21st from 3-7 p.m.  Come join us for a great outdoors experience!!

Tina Schmitz Wins Jim Harrington Award

We reported in December that Tina Schmitz (our invaluable PRA Secretary) had qualified for the Boston Marathon by running a stellar 3:44.  The bigger story was that Tina had recovered from a pretty serious fractured hip injury through surgery, physical therapy, strength and a LOT of training to get to that point and that accomplishment. 

Subsequently, Tina was nominated for the Jim Harrington Award and was named the winner at the Pensacola Beach Run in January. The Harrington Award honors an individual who suffers a physical setback and uses running or physical activity to return to an active lifestyle.  Those who know Tina would say "active" is an understatement and would throw in at least one more descriptive word: DETERMINED. 

Lou Gregory Award
Nominations Open
It is time to submit nominations for the Lou Gregory Spirit Award. The PRA established this award, named for the legendary Dr. Lou Gregory, to honor the individual(s) who have demonstrated great leadership and enthusiasm in promoting and maintaining the sport of running in the Northwest Florida community.  It is presented at the awards ceremony at the Fiesta of Five Flags 10K/5K race. If you have a suitable nominee, please email President Lewis Reddoch at 
The Lou Gregory Award
Officers/Board Members Needed For PRA
The Pensacola Runners Association is looking for a few good women and men.  We have a couple of openings on the Board of Directors for board members and one officer position (Vice-President) is open as well.  Yes, it can be some work, but it's also an opportunity to be a member of a great team performing a valuable mission for Northwest Florida. If you are interested, please contact Lewis Reddoch at or Charles Gheen at 
PRA Events And News

The 40th (yes 40 years) Annual Fiesta of Five Flags 10K/5K will be held Saturday May 3rd. Registration is open NOW - more information is available at the PRA website.

You can still register for the PRA Grand Prix at the Bay To Breakfast this Saturday or email Sherry Readdy at

The Gary McAdams 5K is preparing for another great race on Pensacola Beach.  This year's event will be on June 7th.  More information is available at the PRA website.
We Have No Idea Why Former PRA President Jehan Clark Has OnThree Bibs In This Post-Race Photo, BUT We Know It Was For A Good Cause 
The PRA website, complete with race calendar, race results and individual PRA event pages is at 

Heart Disease Awareness Month


by Corey Dell


I've decided to focus this month's Healthy Lives tidbit on Heart Disease because February is Heart Disease Awareness Month.  Heart disease is not often discussed in the running community because if exercise is a part of your daily routine, "there is no way I could suffer from heart disease".  Well, that information isn't exactly true. 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death and is attributed to 597, 689 deaths according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).  Other risk factors of heart disease include having two of the following:  Smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels, living a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and a family history of heart disease.  So, you want to know what can be done to prevent heart disease. 

First and foremost, quit tobacco products.  If you've had problems quitting on your own, contact Healthy Lives at 850.469.6903 to hear about our tobacco cessation classes that we have to offer.  Adopt a heart healthy diet which includes whole grains, watching calories, limiting excess cholesterol, increase fiber consumption and being mindful of your sodium intake.  For more dietary guidelines, check out on other dietary tips. 

Finally, follow an exercise program that works for you.  From the Healthy Lives team we want to wish you a Healthy Heart Month!!  Keep Calm and Run On...  Stay tuned next month as I discuss my training for my first ever 70.3 IRONMAN.
Corey Dell From Healthy Lives




For The Fun Of It



Kirwan Price


I started running for the fun of it, sort of. I ran to escape the older kids whose promises of getting to play with them involved being the receiver in a game of punt return. I was the lone returner. Gasping "get Mom" with the wind knocked out of me was the only thing I learned from that game. It was much more fun to run for the sake of winning the race around the whole playground at Field Day and subsequently the adoration of a girl who wasn't known for eating boogers. In truth, as a kid, I ran for the sake of running. I had no agenda, I just liked it. As kids, I think that was true for all of us.


My step-dad's reasons were different: to relieve the pressure of his job at the Pentagon and the camaraderie of his fellow joggers during their run at lunch. He was the "runner guy" in the neighborhood. He had a pair of New Balance shoes that he built back the heel of with hot glue when it was worn. I had no idea at the time why he ran - jogging was the common term then - and I didn't care. His absence on long runs meant my brother and I were free to fight in between games of Atari Pong. I had no interest in joining him as it seemed a bit like torture, but I was curious.


He took me to my first race in 1978. It was a one mile "fun" run at George Mason University. You got a jar filled with Gatorade gum for winning. I don't know how good that gum was at replacing electrolytes, but it extracted every ounce of saliva out of your mouth in a fruitless effort to get rid of the pucker it caused. I had fun, nonetheless, and began to take more of an interest in running. I tried to go on jogs with my step-dad. It was just as I had expected, torture. That "stitch" I got in my side was about as much fun as that nauseous feeling I got the first time I tried a cigarette. How anyone gets over that to make a habit of it is a mystery to me. I did try again, with jogging, but only when my mom went along. She slowed his pace and, besides, I couldn't let her beat me. I bought a pair of Nike Waffle Trainers from Sears, mostly for looks, and would jog with my parents when it seemed like more fun than what I was doing at the time.

Kirwan Price With His Parents John and Betty King 


My step-dad ran the 3rd annual Marine Corps Marathon and we drove from Fairfax, VA to D.C. to watch him finish. Port-o-lets and offering water on the course was still in the experimemtal phase of recreational races, and what I saw people do to nylon shorts should have scared me away from jogging for any reason whatsoever. But it didn't. In the shadow of my step-dad, I started a lifetime of running. And like most people who run, there have been countless reasons for doing so: coping with grief, boosting self esteem, competing, being a member of a team, liking the race t-shirt, making friends, proving something to myself, getting to know a new city, drinking post race beer, wearing a wedding dress, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.


Slowly, I began to take it more seriously, eventually setting goals, tracking progress, following training plans and never leaving without my Garmin. My first objective, though, remains the same as it was when I was a kid - fun. For the sake of running itself, because I can, because it is an elementary pleasure. It is easy to lose sight of that. Rather than celebrate the fun of even making it to the starting line of a race, we often lament about an injury that might slow us down or that we didn't get in all the training we wanted. Don't. Just have fun. Revel in the mere training, in getting to know your surroundings and your neighbors. We live in paradise, get outside and make the most of it. Run for whatever reason you want, but above all else do it for the same reasons you did as a kid - because it is fun, and if you get a non-booger picker along the way consider it a bonus.


I Pink I Can 4-Mile Run
For Breast Cancer Is A Success

The Krewe Du Ya Yas put on a terrific race recently for breast cancer awareness.  For a first-year event, it had it all: great race shirt, great cause, good course, good awards and a great post-race party.  Held on Perdido Key, the course was the layout that many are familiar with from the Mullet Man Triathlon and the Make It To The Line races: from the Florabama west to the Perdido Pass Bridge, under it and then return and finish in front of the Florabama. Congrats to the Ya Yas! 
Run For Their Lives 5K 
Saturday, April 26, 2014
8 AM
Pensacola Beach

*    Begins and ends at Casino Beach parking lot

 *    Results by GulfSportTiming include a personalized results page for each
participant who crosses the finish line!

*    Register early for guaranteed t-shirt with registration.

*    $23 adults, $18 active duty military and students under age 18 through April 25, $28 for all on race day.

*    Post-race celebration with food, live music by James Adkins and Rewind, an expanded awards ceremony and GREAT door prizes

For information, contact Shelby Perry: or 850.469.3447
Double Bridge Run
Has Record Field

This year's Double Bridge Run sold out the 15K field early and filled up the 5K race as well - over 4000 runners and walkers were registered to "race to the beach".  Tyler McCandless, Boulder, CO. won his second consecutive title in 45:19 and Kenyan Cynthia Jerop was the women's Champion in 52:29.  The athletes enjoyed cool temperatures and sunny skies for this epic event.
Elite Runners At The 15K Start

Mean's Champion Tyler McCandless

Women's Champion Cynthia Jerop
Gulf Coast Cyle And Tri 
 Is Newest Bike Shop In NWF

Many runners are triathletes and all triathletes are runners.  For those involved or interested in multi-sport, your options just increased.  Gulf Coast Cycle and Tri has opened at 1811 Creighton Road and you can find all their information at  They have a wide array of road, tri, hybrid and mountain bikes and feature Quintana Roo, Kestrel, Litespeed, Fuji and Scott brands.  They are also a full-service shop for all your maintenance and tuneup needs.  Stop in and see them soon!


PRA Membership Renewals

It's Time to Renew Your PRA Membership! As previously noted the Board of Directors has revised the membership term. Everyone's membership runs from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.  The fees remain the same - $15 for an individual and $20 for a family.  If you have signed up in recent months, you will automatically be an active member until June 30th, 2014.  ANY OTHER EXTENSIONS will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  You can contact PRA Membership for further details. 
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