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February 2016
          Office of Emergency Management 

This is a reminder that all residents are strongly encouraged to register their cell phones on the reverse 9-1-1 system. Registration is a simple process that allows residents to update their contact information as needed. Registration can only be completed using a computer. Each resident must do their own registration as OEM can not add numbers to the Reverse 9-1-1 system.
A quick link to registration is found on the township web page ( The link can be accessed by clicking on the FLOOD INFORMATION tab located on the left side of the page. Once you have entered the flood information page, simply click on the REVERSE-911-REGISTRATION link or click here.  This will allow you to register to receive messages by cell phone, text messages, e-mail, and work phone. The information is immediately entered into the reverse 9-1-1 system so there is no delay in service. Your home phone number has been automatically entered in the system so even if you do not register, you will continue to receive notifications on your home telephone.
Emergency information can also be found on the township radio station, 1620 AM. Information such as road closures, river forecasts, and evacuation notices are broadcasted on a continuous loop. This same information can also be found by calling 973-835-4225. The information is updated on a regular basis.

Pequannock Township Library 

Beyond Books 2016

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 Pequannock Police Department
A Message from the Pequannock Township Traffic Bureau
Drug Testing Kits
The Pequannock Township Police Department, in conjunction with the Pequannock Township Coalition and the Municipal Alliance Committee of Pequannock, are proud to present a free substance resource kit to our residents to help combat the ever growing war on drugs. These kits include a drug screening kit as well as a host of informative brochures related to substance abuse. The kit will be available through our Juvenile Officer, Detective Steven Cicchetti.

New Officers Added and Vest Donated By the Pequannock Valley Rotary
The Police department is proud to announce the hiring of two new police officers to the patrol ranks.  See the article from for more information about the new officers.
 Reminder for Parking Prohibition During  Snow Emergency
Parking on Streets when Snow Covered

Floodplain Management Update
In 2015, Pequannock Township made significant progress in acquiring grants for mitigation, updating our floodplain master plan, and improving our CRS rating for insurance discounts.
Application is made to FEMA for a pre-disaster mitigation grant (PDM) to begin elevating dwellings within flood prone areas. Pequannock is currently slated to receive over $4.5 million dollars for design, permitting, implementation, and construction activities. The intent is to apply for similar levels of funding whenever FEMA initiates the PDM grant cycle. The funding needed to assist the entire community is significant, but our vision, over time, is to make federal funding available to anyone that qualifies; and is willing to participate in the program.
FEMA's ranking system for grant recipients requires properties be grouped in neighborhoods with similar characteristics, and with the highest percentage of potential loss mitigation. Pequannock obtained the services of an independent firm to conduct an evaluation of FEMA's requirements compared to historical loss data in order to maximize the odds for Pequannock to be selected. The first grouping consisted of dwellings near the easterly end of Madison and Roosevelt Streets. It appears the strategy worked and funding will be available once congress releases the funds. The framework is now in place to build on this success and to continue funding elevations through the PDM grant process.
An effectually managed floodplain community requires the integration of many resources. We discussed mitigation funding above, but much more is happening. The Planning, Construction and Engineering Departments are proactively developing practices and procedures reflecting the future of floodplain management.   In 2013 FEMA revised the Community Rating System (CRS) manual and scoring to better recognize floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum NFIP standards.  Depending upon the level of participation, flood insurance premium rates for policyholders are reduced. Pequannock has been an active participant in the CRS program since 1991, saving residents multi-millions of dollars in cumulative insurance premiums.
Several surrounding communities in the Passaic River Basin also participate in the program. Pequannock Township has always been ahead of the curve having maintained a CRS rating of seven (7) for at least the past five years (1 is the best, 10 is the least). Based on the current list of CRS communities; Bloomingdale, Butler, Lincoln Park and Oakland are receiving no insurance discount; Riverdale gets a 10% discount; with Pequannock and Wayne receiving 15%; and Pompton Lakes getting the best local discount at 25%. Each year on May 1 or October 1, a communities rating can be modified.
In January 2016, Pequannock completed a comprehensive audit based on the 2013 guidelines. We anticipate the results of the audit effective May 1 or October 1, 2016 at the latest. Since our last audit in 2011, the Township has intensified its efforts to improve community outreach and planning. The Floodplain Management Plan is being revised and is currently under review by the Flood Control Advisory Committee. We anticipate publishing the preliminary plan on the website for public review in March with hopes of formally adopting the plan in May. The plan plays an important role in community planning, goal setting and implementation that is integral to an increased CRS rating.
The Public Works Department has diligently maintained and documented efforts to promote the flow of stormwater through our many ditches and channels. Please call the DPW anytime you observe a blockage of any ditches, streams or pipe crossings. The proper maintenance of surface drainage facilities is critical for flood control and inclusive in Pequannock's NJDEP Stormwater Management Plan requirements. 
Finally, if you live near a flood prone area, you are at risk. Floods can occur anywhere, you should strongly consider purchasing a separate National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood policy through an insurance agent. Not everyone understands the need for a separate flood policy. In fact, research shows that there's a common misconception that homeowners insurance covers flood damage when, in fact, it typically doesn't. In a March 2013 survey commissioned by a major insurance provider, 44 percent of Americans said they believed they were covered for weather-related floods, when, in fact, only 15 percent reported having purchased a flood insurance policy through the NFIP.


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Interested in helping ensure the fairness an validity of our election process?  Poll workers, those who staff the polling locations for each of our elections, play an important role in ensuring that the voting process is fair and accessible.  Elections are administered by the Morris County Board of Elections.  If you are interested in working at a polling location, information may be obtained at the Morris County Website
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 Pequannock Township Fair Housing Committee

Affordable Housing Unit For Sale
2 Bedroom Moderate Income (second floor) Located at The Glens $15 3,827

Pequannock Township Portal
Direct Access to Township Information 

The Pequannock Township Portal provides residents with direct access to real-time information regarding their property. This real-time information is accessed directly from the Township's Graphic Information System, GIS, which multiple departments use every day in managing activities within the Township. Information about building permits, inspections, complaints and requests for information can be viewed on your property home page. Registered users can start a building permit for minor work, register a complaint or make a request for information, even view maps of your property and other data available from the Township's GIS data inventory. Residents should check back into the portal periodically as additional features and information will be added. Access to the Portal can be found on the Township website ( along with instructions on how to set up an account and navigate the Portal.