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This month's issue is full of fun content: lesson plans, awards, institutes, and it's African-American History Month! See below for resources from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Smithsonian Institution. We're also gearing up for all of the affiliate contests around the world and don't forget to nominate teachers for the Behring Teacher Awards! 
Patricia Behring with the 2015 winners of the Behring Teacher Awards
Calling All NHD Teachers!

We know that teachers are the core of NHD across the nation and around the world.  This June two of these excellent teachers will win a $10,000 prize.  In addition, in each affiliate, two teachers (one from the junior division and one from the senior division) will be recognized and win $500 prizes.

These prizes are possible because of the generosity of Patricia Behring, who values the hard work and dedication of teachers everywhere. 

Please consider nominating yourself or a colle ague today. 

Applications are due to affiliate coordinators by March 14, 2016. 
Here's What YOU Need to Know Before Asking Your NHD Students to Conduct Interviews!
NHD urges teachers and students not to interview historians, watch this Google Hangout to learn why. 

Before you decide whether to recommend that your students seek out an interview, please consult these guidelines from NHD and watch our Google+ Hangout on interview tips and tricks on YouTube or SchoolTube.
Ask the Expert Google+ Hangouts Are Available for Viewing!

Do your students need some tips revising projects for regional or affiliate contests? Check out our Ask the Expert Series! They are full of great tips, student Q&A, and suggestions from experts in the field.

Ask the Expert Google+ Hangout: Papers

Ask the Expert Google+ Hangout: Websites

Ask the Expert Google+ Hangout: Performances

Ask the Expert Google+ Hangout: Exhibits

Ask the Expert Google+ Hangout: Documentaries
Know a Former Student Who Would Make a Great NHD Intern?

NHD is looking for two contest interns to work in the NHD office and behind the scenes at the contest in June 2016. The details and the application are posted at:  http://nhd.org/about-us/employment/.

Completed applications are due by March 11, 2016.  

Do You Teach the History of the American West?

The Western History Association (WHA) and the Charles Redd Center are pleased to recognize excellence in teaching at the K-12 level. The Teaching Western History Award recognizes innovative lesson plans on the teaching of the American West. The award opens opportunities for inspiring teachers to gather and share their work at the WHA annual conference (to be held this year in St. Paul, Minnesota in October). Please consider applying and/or sharing this opportunity with other inspiring educators.  The deadline for submission is April 1. 

Have a Newsworthy NHD Project ?
We want to share in the excitement and make sure the world knows the power of history.

Every NHD project is unique and interesting. But, occasionally a project can take on a life of its own, changing the lives of students, teachers, the community, or even the country. At NHD, we want to tell the world about these amazing stories and demonstrate the importance and power of history. To do that, we need your help.
When you hear of a spectacular project, piece of research, or a relationship that goes well beyond the normal NHD project, let us know. You can call, e-mail, Facebook message, Tweet or write a letter.

The U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is Developing New Teacher Resources and Needs Your Help!

Please consider completing their brief survey to help them develop resources to help you in your classroom in 2016-2017 school year!
NHD Debuted a New World War II Teaching & Learning Resource 

On Veteran's Day NHD premiered a new teaching resource to invigorate the teaching and learning of World War II in Northern Europe, ABMCeducation.org.

This resource, funded by the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) and produced in collaboration with the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (CHNM) offers 21 new lesson plans to teach World War II in Northern Europe. Each lesson plan ties to the story of a World War II Fallen Hero who is buried in or memorialized at one of six cemeteries in Northern Europe.

In the summer of 2016 we are headed to the Mediterranean!
Jane Addams, Source: Library of Congress
Summer Institute Opportunity

"Rethinking the Gilded Age and Progressivism:
Race, Capitalism, and Democracy, 1877 to 1920"
A Summer Institute for Current and Future K-12 Teachers
June 26- July 22, 2016
Chicago, Illinois
Participants in this National Endowment for the Humanities-sponsored program will spend four weeks in Chicago, a center of Progressive Era reform, engaging in vigorous discussions about this critical time period in American history and creating materials to use in their classrooms. Award-winning historian Robert Johnston (University of Illinois at Chicago) will guide the institute's academic content, with the help of renowned experts in history, art, and architecture. Charles Tocci (Loyola University Chicago) will direct teaching application discussions, along with master teacher Michael Biondo (Maine South High School). For more information, contact Rachel Allmen, CMHEC, rallmen@chicagohistoryfair.org .

Applications are due March 1, 2016.
Resources to Celebrate the Life and Work of Dr. Martin Luther  King, Jr. 

For Black History Month 2016, EDSITEment offers a
revised and updated version of our Guide to Teaching Resources, a comprehensive collection of free NEH-supported, vetted websites, and EDSITEment-developed lessons on African-American history and literature arranged roughly by historical period. These resources help bridge the gap between the expanding academic scholarship of the black experience and the need for this history to be more widely taught at the K-12 level.

While African-American history should be taught throughout the year as part of American History, February is the perfect time to investigate more deeply the struggles, challenges, and achievements of African Americans.  

From the African Slave Trade to the Contemporary Age of Globalization, this resource will help teachers, parents, and students find a range of vetted multimedia resources to understand and appreciate African-American history. 

Also, consider these summer institutes for teachers from the NEH Summer Programs in the Humanities.
Looking for a Virtual Classroom Experience for Black History Month?

Washington, D.C. is an amazing place for field trips, but it is simply not possible for all students to make it this far. The Smithsonian Institution has created a virtual African-American Heritage Tour that allows students to explore historical artifacts and related primary documents (sound recordings, poems, etc.) and record their thoughts in a virtual notebook while engaging in quizzes and activities. 

Looking for Tools to Assist Your NHD Students?

NoodleTools and NHD have a partnership in which NHD teachers can sign up their classes to receive FREE access to NoodleTools for their NHD projects. Click here to learn more about how this can help your NHD students in 2016!
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