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Join us April 16th, 2016
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The Importance of Follow-up
  Kevin Varner, Director of Prevention and Education
When you are tested for HIV and STIs at Triad Health Project, either at our Monday night testing, or at one of our community outreach events, it's important to come back for post-test counseling. I've noted over the last three years how many folks use the "no news is good news" approach, meaning, "I haven't heard that I'm infected, so everything must be fine".  

While that may be true in many cases, here's why coming back for your results is a great way to protect your health:


     1. You'll be educated by our staff as to exactly what dates the test results will cover. Remember-a confirmatory blood draw test will look for HIV infection from any unprotected sexual activity which may expose you to HIV  three weeks before you test, and before . A rapid, oral antibody test will look for HIV antibodies from  three months ago and before.  Knowing when you may have put yourself at risk will assist you in determining if you need a follow-up test, and also when to schedule your next screening.


2.  We will give you a paper copy of your results, and also provide you with condoms and lube samples. Just ask.


3. It gives us the opportunity to be sure you've been contacted and treated for an STI (sexually transmitted infection), and link you to care and treatment if you haven't.


    4. It gives you the opportunity to see our smiling faces again, and have some one-on-one time with our health education staff. We're glad to answer your questions.


Follow-up is a good idea. Please be sure to come back for your results in two weeks after you've tested. For your convenience, we've also extended our testing hours!
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2nd Annual  Ribbons and Roses
A Kentucky Derby  Dining for Friends Party.
- Watch the derby live
- Hat contest, Derby style.
- Silent auction 
- Good eats (and drinks)
- Live entertainment
May 7th, 2016 
The Community Life Center at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in High Point. 

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About 2016  Dining for Friends!
1.) DFF Kick off parties!!
 Coming in March to a location near you! Want to host a party but unsure how? Join us to learn more about hosting your very own  DFF party. 
5:30-7:30 pm 
3/2  Crafted, Art of street food
3/8  Potent Potables
3/23 Westerwood Tavern
(snacks provided, say what?)

2.)  Host a DFF party on a date convenient for you!
-How about a theme party? Who doesn't like to dress up?

3.) NEW Finale Venue:
The Weatherspoon Art Museum 
-tour the open galleries at the event.... for free!

4.) Desserts and live entertainment as usual.
#cheesecakesbyalex,  just sayin'
-admit one with ticket from a DFF party host!

5.) We are collaborating with
 The Community Party!
*All access 
VIP tickets available soon!
-includes: dinner + drinks + dessert

6.) NEW TIME! 6pm-9pm

7.)   New Date! 
      Saturday, May 14th

8.) Silent auction: 
2016 DFF artwork by 
      Erik & Charlotte Strom

We look forward to seeing you, your friends, your neighbors, heck, bring a stranger and get ready for a new chapter in Dining for Friends history!

Questions about this year's Dining for Friends or wish to RSVP to one of the Kick off parties? RSVP by March 1st-    mpatillo@triadhealthproject.com or   call Meagan @ 336-275-1654 x117  

Whats happening Higher Ground?

We were so lucky to have our dear friend Pat Gibbons at our January staff meeting.  
Pat recently retired after 20 years of service as the Director of Beacon Place at Hospice and Palliative Care in Greensboro. 
Pat has served on THP's board and is a long time supporter of THP.  
Check out the lovely write up in the News and Record .


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