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Next meeting - February 16, 2017 - 7:30 p.m.

President's message
Susan Duralde

Hi Fiber Friends!

We have lots of interesting things happening.  

Charles Gandy is teaching in May - see details below.

A new superstar is emerging from our midst.  Read on to find out what Craftsy thinks of the work of one of our members.

A number of our members took a field trip to meet Lynne Davidson's alpacas.  Barb Moore shares her impressions with us.

Stephanie Johnson has completed the big job of putting our library on Ravelry.  Check out what this means to you in the Library section below. 

YARN the movie:  Tickets are on sale for the movie and for the raffle.  Sales are brisk!  Buy yours in advance to ensure your seat. 

As of this writing, we have 100% of the YARN event cost covered by sponsorships (~80%) and ticket sales.  We are now over $1000 in the black - which will enable more great speakers next year.  

For the event, we will have goodie bags for every attendee, many door prizes and a drawing to win $700+ worth of wonderful yarn. Natalie Greene is posting pictures of the door prizes on the Atlanta Knitting Guild Facebook page.  If you haven't joined us on Facebook, please do, and, like us! 

I want to thank those of you who continue to step up and help with the organization of this important event.  We owe a very special thank you to Claudia Purgason of Yarn Rhapsody.  She secured many sponsors and some awesome door prizes.  Jolie Elder continues to drive the bus on the details.  Thank heavens for all their energy and skill. 

We still need more people the day of the showing to help set-up, work hospitality and clean-up.  You will have a reserved seat for the show (yes, you do need to buy a ticket, too). We want to represent ourselves well to the fiber lovers of Atlanta and to our hosts at Lefont Theaters. Please contact me if you can help at president@atlantaknittingguild.org. 

The movie features artists lifting our craft to a new level.  In that spirit, I recently attended two museum fashion retrospectives, one at SCAD featuring Oscar de la Renta, and one at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC.  In one, a knitted garment was featured, while in the other, crochet and needle-felting.  I've included a brief write-up in this newsletter with photos.  I hope what you see here and in the movie will inspire you to stretch your skills. (Psst....Taking a class with Charles Gandy is a great start!)



Newsletter Contents 
Here's what's inside

Section 1 - Immediate Info for February 16 Meeting
  • Hospitality
  • Programs
  • Knit it Forward  
  • Help wanted for AKG projects
  • Follow-up to January program
  • Call for Newsletter Submissions

Section 2 - Upcoming events

  • Yarn, the film
  • Superstars 2017
  • Sunshine Committee
  • Affiliate News
  • Lemonade Days
Section 3 - Updates
  • Honorarium Fund
  • Library
  • Treasury - monthly and six month income statement
  • Minutes from January general meeting


Section 4 - Stories and event reviews

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Jill Vogin--Superstar!
  • Our Craft in Couture / Art
  •  Purl Power
  • Trip to Wandering Fox Farm
Section 5 - Happening around us
  • Show and Tell Photos
  • North Ga. Knitting Guild

Section 1 - February Meeting

Patty Malec and Susan Donges
If your last name begins with H-L, please bring a snack (sweet or savory) to share. The Guild will provide drinks. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Pam Cornutt and Ashley Jackson

AKG Around the World KAL
I don't know about y'all, but after spending the last few months at 'home for the holidays', I am really missing our travels! So pack your bags because we are heading to Bavaria for our next destination. Elka will lead our adventure as we explore intentionally(!) twisting our stitches and see all that Germany has to offer us.
After completing the colorwork chart, cut and weave in the end of your contrast color, and continue on in your background color.
Knit one round plain in your background color.
Combine the stitches onto one (spare) needle - slip the knit st from the front needle , then slip the purl st from your back needle, etc.
You now have 50 stitches on one needle.
We now need to decrease our 50 st down to the 30 st we need for the Bavarian chart.
RS - (K1, K2tog (4 times), K1) 5 times
WS - the set-up row from the Bavarian chart
Bavarian Twisted Traveling Stitches Chart
 (knit rows 0-19 three times)
 (on the WS, purl=knit and twisted knit st = twisted purl st)
For the Bavarian Stitch  pattern we'll be using, look HERE.

Knit it Forward
Karleen Buchholz and Carol Hassell
Bears for Georgia Center for Child Advocacy
Click here for information on the Center  GCCA.   Links to patterns are on our website.
Preemie hats and blankets for Northside Neo-Natal ICU
Links to patterns are on our website.
Donations to Atlanta Women's Shelter for abused women

Elizabeth Halberstadt
At the beginning of 2017, I delivered over 66 preemie items to Northside Hospital.  The people in the Auxiliary Service were ecstatic at the hats and blankets, and I had several male volunteers ask me questions about the AKG and what we do.
I want to thank everyone who helped with their time and contributions.  We live in such a fast paced, stressed filled  world that taking the time to knit, crochet or sew something for someone in need means so much.  Thank you.

Help Wanted for AKG Projects!
Can you give a few hours?

Many Hands make light work!

Mini Workshops Jr. VP

We need one person. We would like to host three more workshops before May.  Our ideas exceed the hands available.  Responsibilities:  Contact teacher.  Book SEFAA for the class.  Write a one paragraph description of the class for publication in all media. Send an email with the description to the communication committee to publicize the class.  Announce and describe the class at the monthly meeting.  Submit a form to Treasurer to pay SEFAA and the teacher. 

Follow-up to January Program
Design Along 5 with Shirley Paden

For those of you who heard Ashley Jackson speak at the January meeting about her paerticipation in the Shirley Paden Design Along (DAL) 5, this will give you another perspective. The following is used with permission and comes from "City Purls," the newsletter of the Big Apple Knitting Guild (New York City).

Bonny Glisker

I recently completed my sweater for Design Along (DAL) 5 with Shirley Paden. It was a long journey and an incredible learning experience.

We kicked off in January when Shirley sent us a selection of stitch patterns from which to choose for our projects. There were so many unique and beautiful stitches to pick from: cables, color work, lace, wrapped and twisted. I decided to use an overall cable pattern. Several knitters chose intricate Japanese lace stitches, while others combined cables and color work.

Next we submitted sketches of our sweater ideas to Shirley. We then began a blizzard of swatches. What yarn to use? What color? What needle size? Knitting instructors always tell you how crucial it is to swatch before beginning a project. You will be astounded how many more swatches--the bigger, the better--you need to make when you are designing your own pattern, rather than following one. So much to figure out! I even proved to myself, once and for all, that various colors of the same yarn may vary in gauge and behave differently. The biggest challenge for me, once my fingers and brain had memorized the cable pattern I had chosen, with cable twists going across the piece every right-side row (what was I thinking?), was figuring out the transition of the rib and cable border to the main cable pattern. So many issues arose: how to make the stitch counts work together, how to avoid rippling, how to make the increases invisible, how to make it fit. More swatches and more frogging followed. We posted pictures of our swatches on Ravelry and camaraderie developed among the DAL5 members.

Our next assignment was to create schematics as well as stitch and row counts, using our carefully blocked and measured swatches. Using my body measurements and the measurements of some "favorite fit" sweaters, I got started. I armed myself with rulers, graph paper, knitter's graph paper, a calculator, sharpened pencils and a large eraser, along with Shirley's comprehensive book, Knitwear Design Workshop, as well as every other book and class handout I have in my library on fit and knitwear design.We submitted our work to Shirley for review and math checks. We then had lengthy conference calls with Shirley in small groups, while she reviewed and discussed our projects. Shirley was tireless and amazing during these calls. Once Shirley cleared our projects, we  launched into our knitting. We knit for several months. Deadlines loomed, deadlines passed, deadlines were extended. Design and fit dilemmas arose. There was frustration, rethinking, tinking, frogging and jubilation along the way. Shirley, the DAL5 moderators and fellow knitters generously offered suggestions, tips, commiseration and encouragement. At long last, all my pieces were knit, blocked and sewn together. I tried on my sweater, unwoven ends dangling, anticipation and trepidation growing. It fit!! I wove in the ends, washed and blocked
again. I modeled for my husband, who had patiently endured the ups and downs of the DAL with me. We took pictures to post and I was at long last DONE! It was a long haul, but I am grateful to have participated and to have been part of such a creative and supportive group of knitters.
If you would like to read more about our progress, here is the Ravelry DAL5 link: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/welove-shirley-paden/3343284/1-25.

Call for Newsletter Submissions
Drop us a line!

We need to know what you are doing and seeing.  Please send in any of the following at any time to Diana Baber and Susan Duralde. 

(BTW - someone sent me a description about a new zipper.  I cannot find it anywhere on any of my devices.  Could you please resend? Thank you, president@atlantaknittingguild.org)

1.  Photo of a holiday knitting project, who it is for and the pattern/yarn
2.  Brief description of a class you've taken, something knitting/crochet related that you saw and it caught your eye, etc. 
3.  A picture of a cool tool you just discovered, what it is, what it does, where to find it
4.  Whatever you'd like to share

 Don't worry about being polished.  We will edit. 

Section 2 - Upcoming Events

Yarn - the film
A major event for all fiber lovers!!

When:  Saturday, February 25 at 9:45
Where: Lefont Theatre in Sandy Springs
Why: To celebrate our love of our craft

Come be a part of a unique and hugely important AKG event!!

Updates:  Tickets now on sale for AKG members for $5.  You must buy your own ticket so we can keep track of your goodie bag and your door prize ticket.

Tickets go on sale to general public on January 25 for $10.

Here is a photo of the raffle items, value = $735

A big warm hug and thank you to our sponsors



Gale's Art   Cedar Hill  Georgia Fiber Fest
Center for Knit and Crochet
              Yarn Rhapsody
Strings and Stitches Yarn Shoppe  
Lion Brand     Jolie Elder Designs
Berroco    Knitting Fever

Malabrigo    Revival Yarn    Classic Elite
Miss Babs   Plymouth Yarns   Betty Salpekar
       Southeastern Fiber Arts Alliance
            The Unique Sheep

Movie Tickets
  • Tickets to see YARN are now available to AKG Members only for the next 6 days.  Tickets are $5 for AKG members.
  • There are 240 tickets.  On January 25, we open sales to everyone and will advertise all over town.  Tickets for non-members are $10.
  • Each member must buy their own ticket so we can reserve a goodie bag for you.  Please DO NOT buy a ticket for someone else.
  • Be sure to include your email information and phone number.
  • No Refunds
  • Click here to Buy your movie ticket
Goodie Bags
  • Each Sponsor has contributed something to the goodie bag - a pattern, a magazine, store info, etc.
Door Prizes
  • When you purchase your ticket, we will automatically enter your name into a contest for door prizes.  There will be more than 30 excellent door prizes.  You must be present at the movie to win a door prize.
  • Each sponsor has contributed a door prize - plus, we have others!
  • We will be sharing pictures of the door prizes in the lead-up to the event.  Check in at our website and Facebook page for samples
Raffle Tickets

We have selected over $500 worth of fine yarns to act as a raffle prize.  Thank you to Ginger Giddens and Marilyn Windle for donating this scrumptious yarn!!

Raffle tickets can be purchased NOW in the AKG store for $10 each.  

Raffle tickets are  sold separately from the movie tickets.  

You can buy as many raffle tickets as you like.  



Click here to 

Here is a photo of the raffle items, worth $735
Madeline Tosh, Mrs. Crosby, Mountain Colors, Spud & Chloe, Noro, Opal Harry Potter  and more!

We need a team of volunteers to manage logistics the day of  - contact president@atlantaknittingguild.org

  It is hard to overstate how important this event can be to AKG

Superstars 2017
Barb Moore, Dallas Duncan and Kendra Fabry
Charles Gandy, Master Knitter
CHARLES GANDY CLASSES, May 6 and 7, 2017!

Saturday, May 6 from 9 a.m. to noon:
Start & Finish: A Class on Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs
What do you do when the pattern says "cast on?" Do you use a long-tail cast-on? A cable cast-on? A knitted cast-on? What about getting fancier, with a provisional cast-on, picot or even a frilled cast-on? This class will getyou started with a review of many of the tried and true ways to cast on, as well as some new and different ones.We will discuss how to choose which is the best. Once we get going, then we will need to finish ... so we willlearn to bind-off in exciting and hopefully unexplored techniques: techniques for any creative knitter.

Saturday, May 6 from 1 to 4 p.m.:
Embellished Knitting
Here's a chance to learn numerous ways to enhance your knitted creations through applied embellishments. From frilly ruffles to bobbles to twists and ripples, i-cords, special "finger" cords and even beading, we will explore and create a hands-on sampler showing how these techniques can make your projects unique and knitted with personality!
Now, this is embellishment!
Sunday, May 7 from 9 a.m. to noon:
Mini Monster
In this class full of creativity and technique, we will make this fun stuffed toy: a mini monster! We will cover techniques such as three-needle attachments, three-needle bind-offs, professional picking up of stitches, knitted-in twists, seaming horizontal seams and more. All you need is a little experience in knitting in the round (double points, two circulars, or magic loop ... your call!).

Sunday, May 7 from 1 to 4 p.m.:
Mastering Mosaics
Mosaic knitting is an easy and fascinating way to do two-color work without stranding. In this fun-filled workshop, we will learn how to read mosaic charts and make them come to life. We will discuss when to slip and when to knit or purl. If you like simple work that looks complicated but is so much fun to work ... then this is the class for you!

Check the website for a sign-up sheet.

Sunshine Committee
Caring for our members

Many suggested we start a committee to send cards to members who are ill, have lost/gained someone important, have done something special in the knitting world, etc. 

We are extremely fortunate that Jackie Hicks has volunteered.  She works in the greeting card business! How lucky can you get?  This is a passion for her. With her ready stock, she will help us meet the mission and watch our budget as well.  

Here's the trick - none of us read minds. So, if you think someone needs a card, please let us know.  You can email Susan at president@atlantaknittingguild.org.  Tell her the nature of the request.  

Also - please let us know if this is private or if it can be publicized in the newsletter. We will never publish anything personal without permission from the person or responsible loved one.  

Lemonade Days
Barb Moore

At our last AKG Board Meeting we voted to support a presence at Lemonade Days/Brook Run Park, Dunwoody to enhance and increase awareness and membership in our guild.  You may find out about this event online at http://www.dunwoodylemonadedays.org   We will be in the Country Store on Saturday, April 22, 10AM-6PM and Sunday April 23, Noon-6PM.  We will have 2 hour shifts with two AKG members present.
PLEASE, Please, consider working a 2 hour shift (or more).  It is so much fun!   We will display lots of Yellow outfitted bears (I secretly hope to have 30~50).  Hats & Blankets (don't have to be yellow), and other items we knit for charity.  Bring your knitting!!!  To volunteer see Barb Moore or call her at 770-393-4672
Affiliate News
Needle Nook Yarns and Yarn Rhapsody

Arlene Jacobson has notified us that Spring Fling 2017 has been cancelled but Yarn Rhapsody (Gainesville, GA) will be holding its own Spring Fling at the shop March 31-April 1.

Here are some more events coming up at Yarn Rhapsody:

Saturday mornings with Steve Tracewell to learn new techniques twice a month (first class on Saturday, January 7 - CABLES) 
End of January (exact date TBD) Malabrigo Yarn Tasting with Stu Berg 
February 3-5 South Carolina KNIT INN (I am teaching two classes!) 
February 17-19 Knit Companion and Pattern Genius workshops with Heidi Sunday 
February 24-26 Rustic Knitting Retreat at ITW (a few spots left!) 
February 25 "Yarn, A Documentary" at the Lefont Theatre in Atlanta (Yarn Rhapsody is a sponsor) 
Beginning of March (exact date TBD) Done Roving Trunk Show 


Section 3 - Updates

In Honor of...
Highlighting donations made in honor of a member

Our current total is $600. 

Honorees include:

Margie Steiner
Rebecca Ewing
Barb Moore

Donors include:

Arlene Jacobson
Brenda Mazzocchi
Maxine Watkins
Susan Duralde
Whit Robbins 
Ginny Lester

Thank you to our donors!

These funds will be used for an event or capital expenditure that benefits all the members.  Gifts can be make for any reason to honor any guild member.

From our Librarian...
Stephanie Johnson

An exciting change is HERE!  

The AKG library of knitting books is now Ravelry!!

Sign onto Ravelry using your ID and password.  

Put AKGLibrary in the search box and click on People (you are searching for a person named AKGLibrary).  

You can now see what books we have and search each book for patterns you like.  

What do you do when you find a pattern?  Don't buy the book, order it from us.  Saving you this money is a key part of our value proposition to you. (If you check out two books in a year, you can more than pay for your membership.)

Note the book name. Send an email to library@atlantaknitingguild.org to bring the book to the next meeting. 

We do not have a way to put our novels and DVDs on Ravelry, yet....so you will have to access those the old fashioned way, through librarything.com

Thank you Jolie Elder for this idea!
AKG members may check out up to four books and one CD/DVD per month.  All items are due back the following month. 
Remember to check out https://www.librarything.com/catalog/akglibrary to browse the entire AKG library.  And send a request to library@atlantaknittingguild.org to request an item from our library, or suggest a new item to add.  
Treasurer's Report
Lee Greenberg
Check out the latest Treasurer's Report HERE.

Sandra Crowley

Did you miss our last meeting? Minutes from the January meeting may be found HERE.

Purl Power
We couldn't do it without you!

Thank You to all of you who have helped so far this year fiscal year.  The volunteers for January are listed below.  The volunteers from August 2016 (when we started keeping track) through December 2016 are listed here 2016 Purl Power volunteers.  Please check this list.  If you do not see your name and you volunteered, please send Elizabeth Halberstadt an email at membership@atlantaknittingguild.org.  We want to be sure you are included as we will be honoring volunteers at the May meeting.

And a very special thank you to former member Marilyn Windle who has donated a significant amount of yarn, books and magazines.  We are still processing the donation and working through the best home for all of it.  

Thank you to these people hard at work securing sponsors for the movie Yarn.
  • Claudia Purgason
  • Jolie Elder
  • Melanie Burns
  • Shannon Parris
  • Susan Nease
  • Jill Vogin
Thank you to these new volunteers who will help with hosting the Yarn movie on the day of the event:
  • Lydia Sheffield
  • Meg Fisher
  • Arlette Berlin
All our bear and preemie knitters in January!!
  • Carol Hassell
  • Debra Davis
  • Doreen Lewis
  • Jill Vogin
  • Margaret Hollis
  • Barbara Moore
  • Natalie Greene
  • Jayne Wallace
  • Nancy Thompson
  • Karleen Buchholz
Thank you to our membership table volunteers in January:
  • Brenda Mazzocchi
  • Sandy Crowley
All those who bring goodies for Hospitality each month!

Thank you to Lynne Davidson and Barbara Moore for organizing an afternoon with the Alpacas.

Thank you to Natalie Greene, who keeps our Facebook page filled with delights.

If we missed your name, send an email to membership@atlantaknittingguild.org. Your contributions are important to us!!  We are very sorry if we missed you.  Always be sure to sign in your contributions at the welcome desk.

Section 4 - Stories and Events

Tips 'n Tricks
Pam Cornutt

When you are knitting from a chart, how do you keep your place? Another one of my tricks is to use a post-it note to keep track of which row I am on. But ... I do not put it below the row I am knitting, I place it ABOVE the row I am knitting. That way I can read my chart and my knitting and see where the stitches show go in relation to the stitches I have already knit :-)


Jill Vogin-Superstar!
Susan Duralde

We have a budding superstar in our midst.  A couple of months ago, Craftsy send me an email as president of akg.  They were launching a contest to identify creative minds in knitting, crochet, etc., and invited us to nominate people to compete.  I sent the note to several of our more innovative members.  One decided to apply.  Well, she was selected as a 10 ten finalist in the knitting category.  Here is what their announcement said on January 21:
This year, several of the entries into The Craftsy Knitting category displayed a masterful use of color shading.  Others were just plain fun and even topical.  Who knew Prince's lyric "How could [you] leave me standing alone in a world that's so cold?" could be knitted into a scarf that's a perfect shield against Minneapolis chill?
The artist: Jill Vogin
For those of you who remember, Jill's project is extreme double knitting.  She showed it the night Charles Gandy spoke at our meeting.  Charles, who is both a Master Knitter and a member of Kat Bordi's select group of leading edge thinkers, took one look at the Jill's creation and made a point of telling us all that her work was a masterful feat.

Wow.  And she has a full time job, and a young child and volunteers for everything we do.  
Jill, you are an inspiration.

Trip to Wandering Fox Farm
Barb Moore

On Saturday, January 14, 2017 we headed to AKG member Lynne Davidson's Alpaca farm, Wandering Fox!  We were greeted by the sweet Alpaca and Roosters as we toured!
What a wonderful time we had visiting all the beauties on the farm. 
 After showing off her  beauties, Lynne presented an alpaca "blanket" which is all the hair laid out. She gave us quite a lovely lesson on identifying guard hairs versus the more prized,  softer hair, after which she entertained us with a demonstration of combing and carding!
Frieda, what's up here?

We lunched together and declared a Wandering Fox Farm knit-in (or is it knit-out on a farm?)! We even had the chance to snap up some of the softest yarn, project bags, and local honey, from Lynne.
Many thanks, go out to Lynne and her wonderful husband, Rob, for such a pleasant time in the countryside of northwest Georgia!

If you weren't able to join us, we hope to make another trip out at some future time! We'll keep you posted.


Our Craft in Couture / Art
Susan Duralde

Many of you know, I am a fashion junky.  From the time I was eight, I would spend weekends sewing while watching old movies on TBS.  My favorite movies were the ones from the 1950s and 60s where fashion played an important role, from Audrey Hepburn's Givenchy wardrobe in Sabrina, to the scrumptious gowns of Grace Kelly in It Takes a Thief.  Luckily, my husband likes fashion and museums, so we go together to every fashion exhibit we can find.  

This past weekend, we were in NYC and caught the last day of a show at the Met in the Anna Winter Costume Institute.  The exhibit was a very small, and hence carefully curated.  It juxtaposed fashions of the past - from 1600 through the 1950s, with their more modern interpretations.  

Below left is a modern interpretation of a daring historical look. According to the museum copy: 

" In this Maison Margiela ensemble, John Galliano reinterprets the eccentric dress of dandified young men in post revolutionary France. Known as the Incroyables, they embraced a form of anti fashion defined by exaggerated proportions and an affected carelessness. This historical influence is evident in the high collar, oversized lapels, and exaggerated coattails, which have been transformed into trailing lengths of self chiffon.  Galliano has created the extraordinary effect of firm, brushed wool seamlessly transitioning into sheer silk chiffon, as though the wool is unraveling into an insubstantial ethereal form.  The illusion is achieved by needle felting the two textiles together, a process that permanently entwines their fibers - a meticulous couture technique used to create the impression of a deconstructed garment."  

How about that!?  You may already know a 'meticulous couture technique'!

Further on in the show, we had multiple interpretations of wedding gowns.  While I appreciate the crochet work done, I'm not sure who would wear this to anything other than a Halloween Party. The gown is from Comme des Garcons collection 2012.  And, imagine this: this couture creation was crocheted using acrylic yarn.   For the materials for a couture wedding gown! All components are inexpensive, man-made fibers. Keeps profit up and perhaps it is easier to clean and preserve.

And then, while we were cruising Bergdorf's for inspiration, I came across this child's sweater from Gucci.  For $375, it could be yours!!  Given a child's growth rate and fickle dressing tastes, in my house that would mean $125 per wearing.  Not happening! 

But, the price didn't stop me from checking out the construction technique used. Notice the photo of the back of the sweater on the right.  It looks like the knitter used some knit stitches to capture long floats.  Hmm....I'll have to show this to our Master Knitter, Pam Cornutt to see how she thinks this was done..... perhaps using a double knitting technique?  Very interesting........

My final example is from a show SCAD held last year, a retrospective of Oscar de la Renta's life work. The show included a gown Sarah Jessica Parker wore to the Met Galla with his signature embroidered in red, and, Huma Abedin's wedding gown -- the gown she wore to marry Anthony Weiner.  She's donated it.  As beautiful as it was, and it was a work of art, if I were her, I'd never want to see it again, either.

Back to knitting...Below, you will see a coat, a very simple number made with ribbon. No sleeve shaping. A bit of neck shaping. Garter stitch with the trim most likely sewn on by hand. This is a beginner level project, and a fast one at that, in that a large gauge needle (an 11 or higher) was used. I wonder how much it cost?  Don't underestimate the potential value of your creative capability!

Section 5 - Happening Around Us

Photos from our January meeting:

If you are a member or know of a member who has news that should be shared with our membership please send notices to newsletter@atlantaknittingguild.org. This would include, but not be limited to, birth of a child, illness, death of an immediate family member, etc.  

Atlanta Knitting Guild Board
AKG Officers 2016-2017

Susan Duralde, president 

Jill Vogin, first vice president

Sandy Crowley, secretary

Lee Greenberg, treasurer

Pam Cornutt, Sr. vice president of programs

Ashley Jackson, Jr. VP of programs

Barb Moore, vice president of workshops, major (Superstars) 2016


Barb Moore, Lemonade Days



Jamie Hicks, Sunshine Coordinator



Dallas Duncan and Kendra Fabray, vice presidents of workshops, major (Superstars) 2017

 Susan Nease,,co-VPs of workshops, (mini)

Elizabeth Halberstadt, VP of membership
Ashley Jackson, Social media/communications
Diana Baber, newsletter

Diana Baber, past president

Whit Robbins, chair emerita

Standing Committees 2016-2017

Knit it Forward (Karleen Bucholtz - Trauma bears; Elizabeth Halberstadt - Preemie hats)

Susan Donges and Patty Malec, Hospitality

Stephanie Johnson,  Library

Shannon Parris, Drawing 

Welcoming committee (Open)

Affiliate liaison (Open)

Dallas Duncan, Photographer