Phoenix Beakin'                                   February 2017

February Events
   February 11th: Springfield, VA
        Build a Better Birdie Body
   February 12th: Rockville, MD
        The ABCs of Behavior
   February 18th: Alexander, NC
       Did You Know?  A Gathering of Parrot Care Info
   February 25th: Fairfax, VA
       A Parrot's Point of View

Build a Better Birdie Body!
February 11th in Springfield, VA 
Birds in captivity have real challenges due to limited opportunities for exercise, and/or inadequate diets. Jenny Drummey has put together a lot of information about how exercise affects our bird's health.  We will also talk about how to get our birds moving, and put together some food combinations that provide a variety of important nutrients. We'll also have a FORAGING CONTEST with prizes!  Bring your favorite homemade foraging toy or great idea to share!  Top three will win a special prize for their bird. 

ROSCO, Blue and Gold Macaw
ADOPTABLE BIRDS ~  Please Consider Adoption
2,663 Birds Helped To-Date, 97 Currently In Foster
124 Others Still Waiting for Our Help!!
Phoenix Landing is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer organization. It was established to promote and protect the welfare of parrots through adoption, education and conservation. Almost every bird, from the smallest to the largest, from the most loved to the most neglected, will need a new home someday. Probably a succession of homes. People's lives change, often unexpectedly. One day your bird may need a good new home too.  Click here to learn more about our adoption program  
WEBSTER, Congo African Grey
EDDIE, Peach Front Conure

Caspar is a 30 year old male Goffins cockatoo in perfect feather. He is super cute! He eats his Harrison's pellets and his fresh foods like a champ. He is fully flighted and has shown his foster home that he is a good flier. However, he is pretty content to sit on his cage for long periods of time.  He plays well with his toys. Cockatoos are energetic birds so be sure to give him a large cage and plenty to do! Caspar loves head scratches and more - so be careful to set boundaries!

These two male sulphur crested cockatoos were adopted and have been living in an aviary most of the year. They are now ready for their next good Phoenix Landing home. Neither want to be touched, but they are talkative, energetic and beautiful. Zeus 
is a 16 year old greater sulphur crested cockatoo, and Brandy is a 19 year old medium sulphur crested cockatoo. Brandy came to us in 2004 in a small round cage.  The cage had fallen and rolled, and his wing had been caught and subsequently amputated, and then he was relinquished to us. Please don't use round cages!  Cockatoos need the largest cages and play areas that we can provide, because they are super smart, busy and easily bored.  Bored parrots are a recipe for behavior problems.

Our 2016 Ecotour to Peru, Wild Magic   
It's impossible to describe adequately what it's like to see parrots in the wild -- flying, nesting, playing, eating, skirmishing, feeding their mates or chicks, and interacting with other parrots or animals.  This year we ventured back to Peru and spent time with the ever insightful, Dr. Donald Brightsmith.  See a few more photos and videos from our trip here.  Thanks to everyone who went on this adventure and helped to support conservation and research for the parrots of Peru.

How to build trust with a parrot
As part of a school project, Emily fostered Cupid for Phoenix Landing. She taught Cupid many skills and tricks using positive reinforcement, and realized that one of the best ways to build trust with a parrot is to do things together that don't always involve touching, which can make some birds uncomfortable.  Read her blog post about what she realized while fostering Cupid (click here). Emily was recently accepted to work with the Blue Throated Macaw Conservation Project in Bolivia.  We thank her for her dedication to wild and captive parrots!

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* For the The Landing: electric tea kettle for our education room; 39 gallon trash bags; brown rice; quinoa; and coconut oil.

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Debra and Pargo learning to target train

"Step-Up" Workshops, 2017 Schedule
May 5-7 and September 22-24 (advanced)
Are you interested in hands-on training and more intense parrot care discussions? Our popular Step-Up workshops in Asheville, NC have now been scheduled for 2017.  These workshops are designed to give people an abundance of information about parrot care, from behavior and health, to nutrition and enrichment. In addition to discussions and lectures, there are extended hands-on training sessions, cooking and the opportunity to discuss issues of specific importance to you.  Limited to 4 - 6 participants.    

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