Barcode Quality Basics: Read, Monitor, Verify

Are you getting questions about monitoring barcode quality or verifying to barcode standards but aren't sure where to begin? 
Barcode problems are more common than you may think. Up to 30% of pallets checked in a GS1 study found issues with barcode and label quality. 
Microscan has created an e-book - Barcode Quality 101, to help you get started.

Mobile Robot Seminar

You have seen the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) used as a vacuum cleaner (iRobot), but AMRs are also reshaping how products are delivered in manufacturing, logistics, and medicine. This 3 hour seminar will demonstrate how Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) are applied in manufacturing and logistics. 

The seminar will cover:
  • Room Mapping & Configuration
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Safety
  • Route scheduling & programming
  • Human interaction
  • Product delivery and cost

Universal Robots 2017 Training Calendar 
  • 4 Locations
  • Core Training
  • Service & Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Training

In-Position Technologies
will be exhibiting

The Colorado Convention Center 


Parker Introduces the eCL Series
Closed-loop Stepper Drives and Motors

The new E Series Closed-Loop stepper drives and motors bring higher performance, a compact foot print and attractive pricing to the portfolio.

The eCL series introduces simple and precise closed loop control to Parker's microstepping product platform. Available in two driver form factors, standard (4Arms) and mini (2Arms), the eCL system optimizes performance with a wide array of stepper motors with integrated encoder feedback (Nema8, 11, 14, 17, 23, 60mm).

Unlike traditional closed-loop servo systems, the eCL system requires no tuning. Gains have been optimized for the motor/drive combination to ensure smooth and stable motion. Once the eCL motor reaches its target position, the rotor locks into place at a perfect standstill.

ACS Smart Motion Commander   
High Precision CNC Human Machine Interface

ACS Motion Control has developed a customizable CNC HMI Platform for high precision machining and processing applications. Designed with simplicity, flexibility and ease of customization in mind, the SPiiPlusSMC (smart motion commander) software platform significantly reduces the effort and time spent by the machine builder on developing and maintaining HMI software.
Leveraging a SPiiPlus EtherCATĀ® based control system, the SPiiPlusSMC HMI platform offers complete, high precision CNC control.

The SPiiPlusSMC CNC HMI software platform is ideal for OEMs and system integrators of high precision machining and material processing equipment such as laser cutting, processing and micromachining; precision grinding; additive manufacturing, and more

HydroClean Conveyors Now NSF Certified
The First Low Profile Belt Conveyor NSF Certified

QC Industries' HydroClean Conveyors recently received certification from NSF International, making them the first low profile belt conveyors with such a distinction. NSF is among the world's most respected independent certification organizations. 

They have verified that HydroClean Conveyors comply with NSF/ANSI 2 standards for sanitary equipment, such as minimal horizontal surfaces where water can collect, no exposed threads, and the use of hex head fasteners. All of these features are designed to eliminate opportunities for bacteria growth.

This conveyor exceeds sanitary standards by requiring no tools to disassemble for routine, in place cleaning.
Gocator Accelerator
Overcoming Inspection Roadblocks with 3D Sensor Acceleration

Sensors face specific challenges in today's high-speed, high-volume inline inspection environments. For example, what happens when a sensor runs out of memory, cannot run fast enough, or needs to handle data from more than two sensors in a sensor network?
To solve these sensor roadblocks, LMI created the Gocator Accelerator (GoX). This is a PC application that allows you to connect with real Gocators and set them up for acceleration. GoX does this by instructing the real Gocator to send its data streams to the GoX application in order to speed up data processing (both point cloud generation and 3D measurement).

As a result of acceleration you get a ton more memory to work with (2-4 Gigabytes is typical for a PC whereas Gocators are limited to 0.5 Gigabytes), and as a result you can effectively handle networks involving 10-20 sensors

CBS News Story: "Factory Moves from China to U.S. with Help from Robot Workforce"

US company moves 10% of his manufacturing back to the USA from China because wages for Chinese workers had "soared out of sight".  The only way to make this work was to invest in robotics.  At this Bicycle Corporation of America facility, $6M of automation does the work of more than 100 workers.

"We are not replacing the jobs with these robots...what we are doing is adding equipment that makes us more efficient."   "A lot of people have the misconception that automation decreases jobs.  It's just a different type of job...a more skilled job...  without the automation the business model doesn't work so there aren't the jobs."

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