It is the most wonderful time of the year...not the holidays, but time to go to work and ADVOCATE because the 2018 Legislative Session has started! Break out those notes, tell your stories, and get ready to fight for School Based Health Centers and the work they do everyday to help Connecticut's youth!
Don't forget to register for the CASBHC 2018 Conference: School Based Health Centers: A Force for Change! We have a great selection of workshops and an exciting Keynote Speaker! Check below for more details and how to register for the conference.
We encourage you to become a member of CASBHC to receive the benefits of membership -- including discounted fees for training events like the annual conference.  School Based Health Centers are indeed a force for change, and we encourage you to support our work to advocate for youth so they can succeed in school and in life.
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"One person can make a difference, 
and everyone should try." 
- John F. Kennedy
CASBHC's Annual Statewide Conference:
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February is National School Based Health- Care Awareness Month!
School-Based Health Care Awareness Month is here! This is an o pportunity to recognize the success of SBHCs, as well as raise awareness about how SBHCs are revolutionizing the way children and adolescents access health care services.
2017 Children's Mental Health Report
Adolescence is a story of strengths and challenges. Brain structure and connections change through age 25, making adolescents great learners. But when the brain is changing, it is also vulnerable. The parts of the brain tied to emotion and gratification are very active in adolescence. The "brakes" of the brain develop slower. Stressful experiences can cause brain changes that aren't helpful for teens. And the impulsivity that helps adolescents create their own identities can also lead to accidents, poor decision-making, and problems with drugs.  Our conference keynote speaker, Dr. Jeffrey Bostic from Georgetown University Hospital Department of Psychiatry, will speak about this very topic on May 4, 2018!
How to Know When a Child's Flu Turns Serious
" At least 53 children across the country have died from flu-related illness, and parents need to know how to tell if a child takes a turn for the worse - and if it's time to rush to the hospital" 
Championing Oral Health in Schools
A new resource from the American Dental Association (ADA) champions oral health in schools. "There is a variety of opportunities for dental practitioners and others interested in the oral health of children to participate in school-based programs and activities".  The ADA encourages dental practitioners to become champions and provides resources to help get involved in school based oral health. 

Dr. Tekisha Everette to Receive Families USA Health Equity Advocate of the Year Award
"Families USA announced today that Tekisha D. Everette, PhD, executive director for Health Equity Solutions (HES), Inc. in Hartford, Connecticut, will be presented with this year's Health Equity Advocate Award in honor of her exceptional advocacy and commitment to eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities and achieving health equity for all."

*Dr. Tekisha Everette will be a Workshop Presenter at the CASBHC 2018 Conference on May 4th, 2018. Register today to attend her workshop "SBHCs: A Force for Health Equity in the 21st Century"!
Threat Of Deportation: A Trigger For Toxic Stress In Children Left Behind

"A Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation  study  last December reported that the long-term effects of toxic stress for immigrant children include poorer health, compromised growth and development, and increased social and environmental challenges that can affect health."
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    Healthy Kids Make Better Learners!   

Jesse White-Fresé 
Executive Director 
Connecticut Association of School-Based Health Centers