Mark your calendars and make arrangements in advance; Stepping Stones preschool will
 be closed on the following days:
*Monday-Friday, March 26th- March 30th for Spring Break
Come “Be my Valentine” at our next Parent's Night Out on Friday, Feb. 2nd, from 5:30-8:30! Our "themed" Parent's Night Out will be a fabulous night of dinner and Valentines activities for all ages, 12 months and walking through 5th grade! Cost is $12 per child with a $30 cap per family. Please register and pay on-line by Wednesday, Jan. 31st.

   Enrollment for our community and waiting list begins on February 7th and February 8th. Parents with children ages 15 months-2years old will enroll on Wednesday, February 7th and parents with children ages 3-4 years old will enroll on Thursday, February 8th. 
Preschool Vision Screening Program
Wednesday, February 21st 
   KidSight is a FREE vision screening program administered by the Florida KidSight Foundation and Lions Club volunteers to detect vision problems that can cause Amblyopia (lazy eye) in children between the ages of 1 and 6 years old. The first few years of a child’s life are critical in the development of good vision. Preschoolers should have their vision checked for issues such as, misaligned eyes and problems that are correctable with eyeglasses. These problems are not always evident by simply looking at a child. By the time a child is old enough to be in primary grades, many of these common vision-robbing conditions can no longer be treated effectively. A local Lions Club volunteer use a state-of-the-art Plusoptix photo-screening unit to make an image of a child’s eyes and classifies the reading as either a “pass” or “refer.” No physical contact is made with your child and eye drops are not used. Permission slips will be sent home soon. If wish for your child to be screened, please return the permission slip by February 16th. “Here’s looking at you, kid.”
   Love is in the air! Each class will be hosting a Valentines Party in their classroom. Teachers will notify parents of how to address Valentine cards and items to bring for their classroom celebration.

Friday, February 16th 9:30-11:00
   Let’s take a walk on the wild side! We are happy to welcome Dr. Mark Cunningham, who is a wild life veterinarian, and also one of our parents. Mark works for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. He will be interacting with the children using various paw prints, bones, and even a panther mount! Journey with us into the wilderness!

“We get by with a little help from our friends”
  February 19th-23rd
   This week is devoted to learning about various jobs and how these occupations help our community. What do you do for a living or how do you volunteer your time? Please contact your child’s teacher if you would be interested in offering a quick 15 minute presentation to their class. It’s your chance to shine! Thank you for making our community (and preschool) great!   

KUDOS-This is the section of our newsletter where we profusely thank those who have helped with their time and talent and gifts.
*Jeremiah Neal & friends—Spills, paper towels, tables, chairs, and on and on. The first floor loves you!
*Frannie Long & Susan Horne—Best chef’s award! Thanks for all the ways you make our preschool yummy!
*Vince “the prince” Perry—Our playground structure is “ready to roll” thanks to your research and time. Bless your heart!
*Jordyn Cowart & Daniel Pendergrass—You keep our school safe and offer a helping hand. Bless your hearts!
*Pastors Catherine, Steve, Aaron, and Children Ministries—Your help with weekly chapel is greatly appreciated! Yeah
*Naomi Edmunds—The festive napkins make snack time more fun!
*Becky Sponholtz—We loved the trucks and so did the kids! Yeah!
*Heather Tomeo- For helping make Ms. Gilbert's birthday special!
*Carta Scofield- Box tops are the TOPS!
*Cheshire family- We sells sea shells by the sea shore!
*Ossi family- we treasure your treasures for the box.
*Kelly Williams- You knew just what we needed!
*Thank you to all those that contributed to our WHEELY fun transportation week!
Wacky Wednesday, February 28th  
   “It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how!” We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday in many ways at our school on this day. We encourage children to wear their silly socks and hats on Wacky Wednesday. Whoo hoo! Here’s how we need your help. We would love to have 2 volunteers from each classroom to read a Dr. Seuss book, provided by the teacher. We will have a sign-up sheet by each door if you would be willing to help us out by reading to the children.

Stripes Day
Thursday, March 1st
    “Stripes are here, stripes are there, we see stripes everywhere!” We are asking all the children to wear striped clothing this day as the Dr. Seuss fun continues. Go crazy!

MORE SEUSS—for Pre-K children only...
Friday, March 2nd  Worship Center
   Our Pre-K classrooms are having their own Dr. Seuss Extravaganza in the worship center where age appropriate games relating to Dr. Seuss books have been planned. We will also need parent volunteers for this event. It’s rumored that “The Cat in the Hat” might be running wild throughout the school on these two fun days. Sound like fun? It’s bound to be with Seuss on the Loose!

BITS & PIECES—Friendly reminders and miscellaneous school information.
 *Our character trait for the month of February is “love.” Our memory Bible verse is from 1 Corinthians 13:4, “Love is patient and love is kind.”
 *Colder weather is here. Please have an appropriate change of clothes for your child at school.
 *Stepping Stones tuition statements for the 2017 are available upon request at the school office.

JUNGLE FACTS: Did you know…?
1.) No two tigers have exactly the same pattern of stripes.
2.) Every year around 80 inches of rain falls in the Amazon rainforest.
3.) A family of beavers is called a colony. A beaver can hold its breath for 15 minutes.
   February is jammed full of terrific enrichment activities! We will be concentrating on community helpers, Ground Hog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and dental health using paint, play-doh, flannel board cut-outs, puzzles, and games. Afternoon enrichment is always fun when love is in the air. 

The Marriage Course
Reserve a table for just you and your spouse to experience seven focused date nights as you enjoy a delicious meal and private conversation. A strong, loving and lifelong relationship takes effort and dedication to keep the fun and romance alive. Join us Thursdays, February 8 to March 22, 6:00 - 8:30pm.

Cost is $150 and includes all meals and childcare (with a reservation). The online registration form is for online payments only. If you would prefer to pay by cash, please register and pay with Kim in the bookstore. For more information, Kim Lewerenz (416-3074). 

DADS: Bring your favorite princess to our Daddy-Daughter Dance on February 23rd from 5:30-7:00 in the Youth Building. We will have crafts, a photo booth, heavy appetizers and a dance floor. Please sign up HERE by February 22nd. Cost: $10 per dad, daughters are FREE. Contact: Amy Selph
*Friday, April 13th--Stepping Stones “RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE” Celebration—Our Spring Event from 5:30—7:00 pm. More to follow.

*Friday, May 25th—Pre-K Graduation ceremony. Our program begins at 9:30 am in the Trinity choir room. A celebratory reception will follow. Whoo hoo! 
Summer Time Fun: Children, age 1 (and walking) by April 1, 2018, through incoming 1st graders, are invited to join a fun-filled morning of activities, crafts, music, movement, and free play related to special Bible themes. For more information, visit the bulletin board outside room 108 or contact Virginia Lewis directly (416.3014). Registration opens on March 12th.

Vacation Bible School: June 4th-8th from 9-12:00 for those who have completed Pre-K through 5th grade. Registration begins on April 1st

Employment Opportunity:
Do you have a heart for music and children? Children’s Ministries has a part time music position available. Please email Amy for a job description.