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February 23, 2012                    Vol 3, Issue 3                 

Just last week, PIE Network leaders met in Miami to connect and learn more about Florida's long history as a reform leader--a history that's well worth study.

Several elements make Florida an education powerhouse.  First, Florida's approach to reform has been systematic, tackling issues such as social promotion, educator quality, reading, choice and charters, and effective use of data to define success. And it's been courageous: Florida's leaders have dared to define "good enough" for students and schools in a number of ways, including clear grading of schools, commitments to end social promotion, and more recent decisions to ratchet up the rigor of assessments. That data now enables reform leaders to map how those policies have created a sustained trajectory of student growth--one that proves achievement gaps can narrow over time, even as the highest performers still climb.  

Most importantly, Florida reminds us that education reform doesn't happen in a single legislative session or even four; it requires constant commitment over time. Our conversation with Governor Jeb Bush reinforced how much leadership matters. Bush, who made education reform his "first, second and third priority," demonstrated that commitment through the policy change he led, as well as the smart appointments he made on the state board of education to ensure sound implementation. 

Since he left the Governor's office, Bush has continued to build that team committed to reform through organizations like the Foundation for Florida's Future, the state's leading advocacy voice. The Governor ended his remarks with us with a reminder of why we should all be working for bipartisan commitments to reform, in order to sustain those policies over time. That's leadership we've admired before--and an especially important reminder in an election year.   

There's more on other member updates in our News and Research sections.


Suzanne Tacheny Kubach
Executive Director, PIE Network 

Network Jobs and Beyond         


The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is hiring a Chief Executive Officer


Fordham Institute in Washington, D.C. is seeking a Research Manager.   


The New Teacher Project has numerous openings.   


Stand for Children has a number of openings across the country, including Executive Director in Arizona and Communications Directors in Indiana, Louisiana and Washington. 

50CAN has several openings, including Public Affairs managers in Maryland and New York.     


Rodel has two open positions, Program Officer- Policy and Senior Program Officer- Communications and Public Engagement


Mass Insight is hiring for a Director of Marketing Communications.  

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In the News 

With the help of Mississippi First, the Mississippi Senate has passed its first ever charter bill--a strong achievement for the organization and the state.

RI-CAN and MinnCAN kick off their second years with the release of the 2012 State of Rhode Island Public Education and the 2012 State of Minnesota Public Education.

Long-time League of Education Voters board member Nick Hanauer calls out Washington lawmakers for failing to push for education reforms. 

Ed Trust Midwest releases a report that finds white and higher-income student achievement in Michigan is losing ground to other states.

This week, Bill Gates published an article disagreeing with New York's decision to allow teachers' individual performance assessments to be made public.
Said Gates, "the surest way to weaken it is to twist it into a capricious exercise in public shaming. Let's focus on creating a personnel system that truly helps teachers improve." 

Research and Analysis

Center for American Progress:


Center on Reinventing Public Education: Yes! A Productivity Agenda!


Education Sector: Cleveland's Portfolio Plan Promising  


National Governors Association: State Strategies for Awarding Credit to Support Student Learning    


Fordham Institute: Embracing the Common Core 


National Council on Teacher Quality: With All Due Respect 



Weighing the Waivers: Did the Administration Get it Right on ESEA Flexibility?

March 2, 2012  

9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. EST

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute
1016 16th Street NW, 7th Floor
Washington, DC 20036


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