An ARM Update
Feb 2013

Dear friends,  


Thank you for your continued faithfulness and support of Africa Renewal Ministries.  We are constantly humbled by the visitors and friends who we see here on a daily basis and decided that over the next few months, we would like to share some of their stories with you!
The stories you will read here are from people just like you and me, who have decided to take a few weeks out of their busy schedules to fly to a foreign land and serve through short term missions opportunities.  



These visitors have greatly blessed us, and God has truly blessed them in return for their faithfulness.  They continue to have a lasting impression on the hearts of all who they have touched and we hope to see them again as we continue to work together for the glory of God!


Be blessed,


Pastor Peter


Ps. Peter Kasirivu
Founder & CEO

Partners in the Gospel PARKstory
by: Brian & Janna Park from New Life Church, Worthington, OH

"Five years ago, we arrived in Uganda on what we thought would only be a two week "once-in-a-lifetime" mission trip.  We had no idea just how significantly that short term trip would change our lives in the years to come.


By God's grace and leading, that experience developed into a CHURCH-TO-CHURCH partnership with Mukono Community Church & ARM.  Working together, we have seen God do wonderful things both in Mukono and in Ohio.


Today, over 260 children are sponsored by families from our church (New Life Church). Those families have been distinctly blessed as they have built relationships with their sponsored children. Joyfully, a few have been able to meet in person. 


Recently our partnership expanded to include a Mercy Network program to assist needy families at the church and in the community with food, discipleship, & vocational training.


Each year when returning to Mukono, we rejoice in all that God has done to advance the Gospel in the community. We are humbled and grateful, with our eyes looking forward to all that is still to come!

The Parks with their sponsored kids


Partnering with Pastor Davis of Mukono Community Church 
The Children of Mukono Child Development Program, sponsored through Brian & Janna's Church Family

Ps. Davis at a bucket distribution coordinated through New Life Church, OH 



Mercy Network Food Distribution Program   

From Pastor Davis,

Senior Pastor of Mukono Community Church:


"l truly bless the Lord for our dear friends who sacrifice to come and minister unto us here in Mukono.  The Park Family along with several other families and churches have blessed us in a variety of ways:


  • Their visits empower and encourage the needy in our community through the Mercy Network Program
  • Our church leadership is strengthened and built up through our church-to-church partnerships with like-minded churches in the Western world.
  • Children in our CDP program are coming to know the Lord as their Saviour through their sponsors and through our short term visitors
A very big thank you to all of you!" 
Short Term Mission Opportunities     stmTRIPS   

ARM is working on a way to better serve our short term missionaries.  In the past, we have assisted churches and individuals in planning for their own trips.  This year, we are working on taking a more active role of scheduling and planning pre-set trips for individuals from a variety of places, to be put into small group teams to accomplish a specific task here in Uganda.  Some of our teams will include:
  • Leadership Training Teams
  • Pastoral Training Teams
  • Outreach & Evangelism Teams 
  • Food Distribution Teams
  • Youth Camp & VBS Teams
  • Video & Photography Teams
  • Building Teams
  • and much, much more. 
For more information, email Stephen or check out our ARM's webpage under the "Get Involved" section header.
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