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The ITEC IT Conference is a chance for IT professionals and district technology leaders to connect and learn about the latest hardware and software developments for schools. 
The 2018 IT Conference will be on February 16, 2018 at Nevada High School, 1001 15th Street, Nevada, Iowa. 
Erb's will be there with our great vendor partners from Dell, Google, Gumdrop and Soundtrap. Stop by the Erb's booth for the newest swag bags and register to win a variety of products! Also attend our break out session: How Schools Can Win the War on Ransomware.

K-12 schools are dealing with a perfect storm when it comes to cybersecurity. Security governance and defense in depth continue to be challenging as both school infrastructures and the threat landscape constantly change. 

As a result of the general digital transformation being experience across our society, Cyber criminals continue to target learning institutions, and the number of successful attacks  continues to rise

74 significant cyber incidents were reported across school districts in the first half of 2017 alone, up from 67 for the entire year of 2016. To address this trend,  K-12 schools  will have to evolve their cybersecurity posture and implement new strategies to ensure their policies are keeping pace with the evolving threat landscape.

The education sector is facing targeted cyber security attacks - like Ransomware - on a daily basis. It is time to find an alternative approach. 

You're invited to join Chris Sherman, Sr. Analyst at Forrester Research, on February 22nd at 3pm CST for a LIVE webinar on balanced prevention and detection to help mitigate the cyber security risks educational institutions are facing. 


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