When life is a circus, the New Mexico Conference of Churches throws... A PARTY
to remember who we are (all are welcome);
to help fund organizations we care about (read more below)
and to welcome new leadership (really exciting)!

I sincerely hope that you and members from your congregation will plan on attending. There will be excellent food from Mujeres en Accion, a New Mexican cooking cooperative and great jazz from  Robert Lah (and musical friends) who plays for the St. John UMC's monthly Jass Vespers!  You will be entertained, but you will also have the opportunity to help organizations who are committed to doing good in our state. You will want to know about and support their work:
  • New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence, a Santa Fe based effort, mobilizes grass roots promotion of reasonable gun laws as well as educates the public about gun safety and the high emotional and financial costs of gun-related violence against children and adults. See more at http://www.newmexicanstopreventgunviolence.org 
  • Catholic Charities Migrant Work (Albuquerque) has being working with refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants for years; they currently work with families from all migrant designations to insure graceful new beginnings. See more at http://www.ccasfnm.org 
  • New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light works for climate justice through churches and faith communities offering inspiration, education, implementation of sustainable practices and advocating for effective climate protection policies. See more at http://www.nm-ipl.org 
  • New Mexico Interfaith HungerCoalition brings together the advocacy expertise of Bread for the World with the imaginative and nimble capacities of local food banks to work on their goal of ensuring that all New Mexican families have access to healthy and nutritious food. This is a Coalition in-formation and financial support is critical. See more at: http://breadnm.blogspot.com/2015/05/inteferfaith-hunger-coalition-moving.html
  • And, of course, New Mexico Conference of Churches -- 8 Communions working together to make your love and voice strong and articulate in New Mexico.

I hope to see you at Circo for the Community; reserve tickets or become a sponsor by visiting http://nmchurches.org/in-the-interim; and when I see you, I'll thank you and say "So long for now..."  It has been a great year as your Interim Executive Director. 

Peace,  Kay Huggins

New Mexico Conference of Churches
1019 2nd St. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102