HERO Briefs by Karen Moseley
February 2017

"A rising tide lifts all the boats." ~ John F. Kennedy
Though John F. Kennedy was known to use this phrase frequently, it is said that he borrowed it from the New England Council, a regional chamber of commerce. It's a phrase that I've heard a lot lately, prompting me to research its origin, and I was pleased to see a chamber of commerce at its root. It comes as no surprise that a group of employers would espouse the belief that together they could positively impact the economy of a region. In the same spirit, HERO envisions a future in which "All workplaces will positively influence the health and well-being of employees, families and communities." This vision statement sets the tone for all that we do at HERO, from Board planning and strategy to committee work, and publications to presentations. After compiling the 2016 annual report, we were pleased (and surprised!) to count the number of deliverables (i.e., publications, presentations and webinars) in 2016, and it averages to one new output every week. Add in presentations from members on behalf of HERO and the number doubles. I hope you'll take a look at the full report and celebrate with us what all of us, together, have been able to accomplish over the span of 52 weeks.

With this month's Brief, as with all of our monthly newsletters, we endeavor to keep you informed about the latest from HERO, its members and the industry at large. You'll see opportunities to attend upcoming events from HERO and partner organizations, including the next Wednesday Webinar with Drs. Tom Kottke and Ginger Kakacek from HealthPartners. Also, we proudly announce the release of the Wearables in Wellness employer case studies from the HERO Health, Performance & Productivity Committee, and offer a number of other readings to keep you current. Read on for the full Brief.
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