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Jonathan Goforth -- Born: February 10, 1859
Ernest Shackleton -- Born: February 15, 1874

As a poor Canadian farm boy, Jonathan Goforth had no idea that he would spend most of his life braving disaster, danger, and disease to share God's love with the people of China. But when God led him to do just that, nothing, not even the violent Boxer Rebellion, would stop Jonathan and his family from answering God's call.
Making their home in China, the Goforths opened their doors to as many as five thousand visitors a month, all of whom had heard the gospel message. Their nearly fifty years of service to a nation in need would leave behind a legacy of many thousands of Chinese Christians. (1859-1936)

As adventurers from around the world raced to reach the South Pole and achieve other polar firsts in the early 1900s, outsider Ernest Shackleton and his motley expeditions would outshine even the British navy, becoming icons of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.

Known for prizing loyalty, leadership, and skill without regard for rank or social class-and for bringing men back alive-Shackleton completed three death-defying Antarctic journeys. Called the Boss by his crew and Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton by the king, the Anglo-Irish explorer counted it all part of life's grand adventure (1874-1922).


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