Get back moving with our new ideas and programmes for the Spring

It's February and today just feels a little like spring. Sunny, bright and dry and the daffodils are out. We spent the the winter wishing for these days, so get out there and make the most of them.

running in daffodils

No one is going to make you go, you have to decide to do it for yourself. Go on....
What's on this February

Ladies Day this Sunday : Our Ladies day event with Saucony and Amphibian King is totally sold out. Maybe it was the talk of cupcakes and prosecco, but we hope it was a chance to learn from all the running experts in one place. Everyone who was lucky enough to get a place will receive an email today with all the details. See you all on Sunday at 11am.

Next Week....

Comeback to class : Join us half way though our class term. You can slot into any of our classes. Our beginners will be at 10 minutes and our FunRun class will be comfortable at 30 minutes. Whatever you fitness level you will be fine in Beachfit class. Cost: 4 weeks €50. Contact Mary to book your place. 

Malahide parkrun : Come join us on 13th Feb for a trip out to Malahide parkrun and cuppa afterwards in Avoca. Details on Facebook closer to the time.

Chirunning in Malahide : Following on from the success of the last few Saturday morning post parkrun workshops, Mary's next Chirunning outdoor workshop is Sat 13th in Malahide. Prices from €25. Chirunning Workshop Details.

Valentines Day Run+Cook : Our Spring Run+Cook event thankfully falls on valentines day, so we have convinced Dee to allow us to have some chocolate brownies and fruits tarts, albeit healthy ones, among the recipes  on our FunRun Sunday Brunch and Cooking Class.
Sun 14th Feb : Run+Cook Sunday Brunch


Other things to remember

Running Weekend Away :
We are off to Limerick for the Great Limerick Run for the May Bank Holiday weekend - let us know if you are coming along as we need to book accommodation asap.

February Facebook Challenge: We have kicked off our online fitness challenge for Feb and you can join us all with our planks and other exercises as we keep eachother motivated this month.

Spring Fashion for Running Chicks

Our ForgetTheGym Running Chick Hoodies are now ready for you all. After you asking for the hoodies for so long, we have designed a new Running Chick hoodie based on the design of our running instructor hoodies. If you have ordered your hoodie, follow the instructions now to arrange collection.

Getting Motivated 

It is hard to get going again. Try and start by run/walking if it has been a while since you have been running. It will come back to you gradually. As you all know the hardest bit is to get out the door. Do that, and a whole world awaits.


In the Press
The Irish Times  have relaunched Mary's Get Running programmes. Choose from Beginners Running, Lapsed Runners and 10k guided training videos and programmes.

 Mary will continue writing for The Irish Times all Spring. Read the latest articles :

 I rish Times Jan 26th: The secret rewards of running
 Irish Times  Jan 19th: Get off the couch and get moving

 Need a running goal : Check out Aoife's blogs on our favourite races this spring.   

What we did in January
January has been a busy month as everyone is full of great intentions and keen to get moving again. We kicked off our new term of beginners and improvers classes and it's great to be able to get some fresh air and clear our heads on these dark and windy evenings.

Our Half Marathon wannabes all met last Friday for our First Times Half Marathon workshop. All motivated now with training plans and ideas, we wish them all the best of luck.

We were off in St Annes park for another Chirunning Workshop where experienced runners and new runners alike learnt how to make running more enjoyable and effortless

The month ended with about 25 of our gang taking part in the wonderful Raheny 5 Mile race. Despite the weather everyone seemed to love it, but i do think the goodie bag seems to have help them forget about any hills or rain. Well done to all.

Get going this February
If January has passed you by, don't let February go in the same direction. Stop feeling guilty and accept you can't be perfect all the time. We all need time out now and again. Make this the month you get moving and keep moving for Spring 2016.

Mary, Aoife and Anne xxxx

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